Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Christmas Home

These are only a few pictures of our home decorated during this holiday season! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Goal

YES, WE ARE SLACKERS!! We have completely forgotten about our poor little blog we have started. LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN!

GOAL: Weekly updates!

We'll see how this goes...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Disney Quest and such...

On Wednesday, we went to Disney Quest, which is a "indoor interactive theme park". However we like to call it a waste of time. Thank goodness we did not have to pay for this! It was like Game Works with 10 million more children! The best activity there was a "How-To-Draw" class. At this class you would learn to draw Disney characters! Although we are not the best artists (ok-Josh is good, Brittany couldn't draw to save her life) we thought we would give it a go and learn to draw Pluto. It was awesome! We learned how to draw Pluto on an interactive screen while we watched our teacher draw his in front of the class (while he stayed at his computer). We wanted to take the drawings home, but they were $5! Our Plutos did not look $5 good.
There were not many "rides" there and what was there was crazy busy. Here is a picture of one of the rides, Pirates of the Caribbean.
This ride allowed you to sit on matresses and paddle your way through rapids--yeah, not worth it. We could probably do this at home if we really wanted to :)
Josh really wanted to play this boxing game, but everytime we went over to stand in line, some little kids got in front of us. So, we played a game of golf (a computerized game) then came back and there was no line! So Josh got to beat up a boxer! Then his gloves decided not to work, so he gave up:(

To wrap up Disney Quest again---don't spend the money or waste the time!

We spent a great day with Josh's parents and grandparents in Vero Beach. It was very nice to see the ocean again and work on our tan. We had a great dinner at a local Chinese restaurant and spent the rest of the evening playing Sequence (which is the best game EVER)!!! The guys may have won that one, but the ladies will conquer all!


We finally decided to sleep in a bit (although Brittany is usually up by 9 every morning) then we made breakfast (again, a first this week). Josh really wanted to go play putt-putt, so we went to a local putt-putt course and played a round. Brittany actually kept up with Josh, considering she has putt-putt A.D.D. and he only beat her by 4 strokes!! WAHOO!

Then we went and looked around at one of the tacky souviener shops and Josh bought a pair of Khaki shorts. After we got back to the resort, we were trying to decided what pool to go to when major storms came rolling in. The weather then decided to bless us with a ton of rain that lasted 3 to 4 hours. Lovely! In the mean time, Brittany watched junk TV, while Josh played his computer game.

Since today (7/10) is Josh and Brittany's 6 month anniversary, they decided go celebrate at Applebees (oh yes, they are big celebrators) and see The Proposal.

On the way home from the move the light was on....which means Josh had to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts...

Josh ate 2 HOT doughnuts on the way back to the resort, while Brittany ate 2 bites then gave the rest to Josh...too much sugar!
Saturday will be pool/tanning/relaxing day and Sunday we're off to Magic Kingdom!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Today was our day at Epcot. It didn't start out great as you can see...it was raining, but we decided to head there anyways. Florida always has afternoon showers!

The first ride we went on was the one in the Epcot ball. The best part of the ride was at the end where you choose things you like and they make a future world for you. Here are some pictures they came up with for Josh and Brittany.

Not sure what to wear...?
The household computer system will choose!
Enjoying coffee in your home
Our schedule will be all planned out!
Getting ready to head off to work! Everything is ready to go for you!
After the ride it was off to different countries. We have more detailed pictures, but we decided not to put all of them up here.

The American Adventure show was amazing! It was recently updated and had the latest technology. It was well worth the wait!
Before the show started the Liberty Singers were our entertainment. They were awesome!!
George Washington Carver's microscope
The American Adventure!
The Beast came out at Epcot to get pictures with fans. The Beast rarely makes apperances so it was neat to see him. We took this picture because the little girl was looking out on the lake with here mom when all of a sudden she turned around and the Beast was there! She was sooo cute and she was even dressed up as Belle. I'm sure that made her day!
We were getting really hungry and decided to look for a place to eat. We noticed that more black clouds were rolling in (for the 3rd time today), so we decided to eat in England since we were already there. It ended up being a great idea because it poured for about an hour! Since we didn't have a chance to really "choose" a place to eat (due to time with the rain) we had limited option for dinner...we're not really into mushy peas, so we went with fish and chips :)
Inside of the pub

Next, we went to Brittany's favorite country MEXICO! The lighting is the best part of this country and they have a great Mariachi band!

The skies started getting dark again and we were really tired of the rain. So, we decided to head out early...thank goodness we did because it's been raining off and on since. Here is one last picture we took. We were soo happy the photopass photographer took one of us with our camera. We took a few throughout the park with photopass and hope to purchase some. We love photopass since it's just the 2 of us!
On our way back to the "house" we saw a rainbow! What a great way to end the day :)

Wednesday will include Disney Quest, Disney Boardwalk and Josh playing 9-holes of golf while Brittany walks with him and takes pictures :)

Monday, July 6

Since we didn't get a chance to post yesterday, we thought we would do that first. It was a pretty slow day. We signed up to "tour" Orange Lake and learn about their time-share program. The tour was great, but we definitely can't afford it right now. The sales people were very overwhelming and pushy. I know it's their job to sell, but there is only so many times we can say no (for us it was 4 no's to 4 different people).

One positive that came from our tour was the great pictures we got of River Island and the lazy river.

There is obviously a screen in front...sorry!
Speed Limit-23?

The inside of the Registration Building. It's like a cyber cafe.

After the meeting, we hit the pool for a few hours. Then the sky became dark and we were getting hungery. We decided to go "home" and make some pasta for dinner! Josh is the best cook!
Brittany decided to put on Josh's flip-flops...just a little big!

Our yummy dinner!

Then it started to pour!! It's hard to see in this picture, but keep scrolling!

After dinner, we stopped at Walmart to rent movies from Red Box, but we ended up watching Newlyweds instead!!

Tuesday = Epcot!