Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy first birthday, Hadley!

August 26, 2014

Dear Hadley,

Today you turn one. We cannot believe how fast the time has flown by! You have changed so much over the year and we are excited to watch you grow. You are such a funny little girl. You love to make people laugh, which means you are usually doing something you shouldn't be doing. You have a bit of a temper but also the kindness of hearts. You become frustrated easily when you can't do something because you want to do everything. You're smart as a whip which I think is why you become frustrated so easily. We already know you're going to be a handful when you get older! You remind us so much of your Aunt KK when she was little. You love to wave to everyone and clap at everything you do. Recently, you've been crazy about writing on paper. You love to try and hold a pen in your hand like a "big girl" and write on paper. You've always adored kitties and your passion for them keeps growing. We have many kitty shirts, stuffed animals, and even a dress!

Now that mommy is back to work you have started a new daycare. You've only been there a week and a half but are adjusting pretty well. Mornings are still difficult when daddy drops you off but once you start playing you have good days. Your teachers tell us it takes a few weeks, even months, to adjust to the morning drop off. My favorite part of the day is picking you up. You usually scream with excitement to see me! You give me many hugs and kisses. You will also lean around (while I'm holding you on my left hip) to look at my face and just smile. It's the best!

You have been a nursing champ! We are very slowly weaning (because of all of our changes going on lately) and hopefully in a few months there will be no more nursing. I am a little sad but happy to have my body back to myself as well. After you were born I wasn't sure how this would all work out for us but it has been better than I've ever imagined. I can't say there were no hard times (there were plenty of tears) but it's been work it! I'm happy I could help you get the best nutrition for you during your first year of life.

It has been a pleasure getting to know you and being your parents during this first year of your life. We look forward to the many more years to come! Not only are we celebrating YOU today but we are also celebrating that you, me, and daddy all survived!

We love you our sweet Hadder Bear!


24lbs 30in

Size 4! 
{I just bought 2 cases so hopefully you stay in them for a while. You don't seem to be growing as fast--knockonwood}

Wearing 12 months and buying 18 months for this winter.

You love to eat all solids! The only things you don't seem to like are the snacks at daycare like Pop.tarts, Nutri.grain bars, and other packaged snacks. To be honest, we are really happy you don't like them. This was the only part of the daycare we didn't like (snack choices) but we couldn't base it on that (everything else is wonderful). You love chicken nuggests, blueberries, pancakes, and hummus.  See letter above for more feeding.

You have been doing amazing considering all you've been through. We've already moved twice (and still have another--more to come), started a new daycare, mommy went back to work, horrible teething, and a cold. So waking up once a night is something we can handle, especially when you usually go back to sleep on your own.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Where did the time go?

I can't believe how quickly life passes you by. I never intended to stop blogging. I just became...well, busy. I want to jump back on the horse again. Josh wants me to as well. He loves that I'm keeping a "journal" of our life. So, I thought now is better than ever to start back again. Now, being the eve of Hadley's first birthday.

Where did the time go...

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Hadley 7 months

Disclaimer. This has been ready to be posted since MARCH 27TH!!! I wrote it on my phone, it "post" and it never went up! Then I deleted half of it on accident while on the computer (saved funny from phone). Anyways--it's finally here!!

You are seven months our sweet girl! I still cannot believe it! Someone asked me how old you were and I had to think for a second. Seven months? That doesn't seem right! You are growing way too fast!


You are about 21lbs and 24 inches long. 

Size 3! We still love Pampers Swaddlers


You are definitely wearing all 9 month clothing. We have two 6 month outfits that fit put the pants are a little short. I think they fit because the shirt is loose and doesn't snap at the bottom. :) Anything we've been buying you for summer has been 12 months. I'd rather it be big so you can wear it longer! You wear size 2 in shoes, but they're still a little big. I love your tiny feet!


You have been doing great with food and are so funny. You hate anything that is cold. If we don't let it sit for a few inured before feeding you, you'll either spit it out (rare occasion anymore) or make a face like it's the worst thing you've ever tried. But by bite 3 or 4, you're good to go. You love prunes and apples. Your favorite vegetable is carrots followed by sweet potatoes (which we try not to give you much of). Recently you've tried pumpkin and really like that! You still are not too fond of greens and they sometimes make your tummy upset. You did enjoy a spinach and berry mix packet of food the other day! We are so happy you're enjoying fruits and veggies and hope it continues. You're eating stage one of all foods. I honestly have no idea when we should go to stage two, but we'll figure it out! We've tried a Nuk sippy cup a few times from Miss Keri but it didn't work too well. She did tell me that just because it worked well for her kids doesn't mean it will work for you. All kiddos are different. So I bought some Playtex sippy cups to try next. 


Your sleep is so inconsistent. Some nights you wake up three times, others twice, and sometimes you sleep through. I blame a lot of it on me. Dr. B said that I need to let you cry a little more and not pick you up each time. So hard to do with that sweet face! But we did it Monday and it worked! Hopefully that will help the both of us!

*Update (since this is late to post): Thursday, April 3 we tried a new routine. I now put you down to bed when you're awake. The first few nights were rough. We let you cry 15 minutes (not hard cry), then I would go in and tell you it was okay, rub your tummy, and settle you down. I would not pick you up. Then I would leave. You'd get very upset then. But within 2-3 minutes you would settle and go to sleep. Since then, you've slept entirely through the night. Last night (Sunday) you actually went down for both naps and for bed and fussed less than one minute!!! SOOOO proud of you!!

Other Events

You has the croup again!! We caught it early but it was still the middle of the night and we still has to go to the ER. Hopefully we are done with this. It's so weird to me. You'll be totally fine during the day and then it happens at night. Both times we were at Glammy and Peepop when it happened. Dr. B. said that if it happens again we will look into allergy testing. His motto is, "two times it's a coincidence; three times a problem". Hoping it's just a coincidence but if not I hope we can get some answers. 

You are sitting up like a pro! You love to reach for things and trying to look at everything. Sometimes you'll even tip over because you try to bend and look around something in order to see something else. I wish I had a picture of it. It's too cute!

You're in a big girl car seat! You love to look out the window and are usually pretty quiet. The hardest part is sleeping. I feel so bad for your little head wobbling all over. I did buy you a head rest yesterday that will hopefully fix the problem. I know so many kids sleep like that but I worry about restricting your airway. #firsttimemom

You love books! We read at least three stories before bedtime each night, unless you're really exhausted then we are lucky to get through one. Your favorites are Friends For Calico, I Love You So, and Ten Little Ladybugs. We usually read these every night with some others mixed in. I think I can recite Friends For Calico in my sleep...forwards and backwards! Daddy and I both hope you continue to love reading and listening to stories!

When you were at the hospital the first time, they gave you an electric toy guitar. You're obsessed! Hopefully this will mean you are musically inclined like me and daddy. We are so excited I teach you piano, percussion, and violin one day. Hopefully you will enjoy at least one of them or pave your own path with a new instrument!

So rolling over is still not your thing. We will push you half way and then you will do the rest but you're not doing it alone. You still have no desire to either even when we tempt you with a cell phone, high is your favorite thing to get your hands on! 


You are the sweetest thing! You love to give us hugs and sometimes will give kisses. You are so happy most of the time but when you get mad, watch out! You have a short fuse and temper. I'm sure a lot of it is the fact that you can't really communicate with us. That is definitely a challenge! 

Knock on wood, you do not touch any head bands or hats on your head. However the sun glasses don't last too long. I hope this continues and that I didn't just jinx myself!! 

You love your brothers and know their names. About 95% of the time Wembley is into some kind of trouble. As soon as we say his name, you look up at the cabinets because you know he likes to jump up there. You also love to watch them chase each other through the house. You will scream and get super excited!
Every time I take your weekly and monthly picture I have to be prepared because the blocks do not stay up any more!

We rarely go out to eat but when we do you are so good most of the time. As long as you have a few toys, you are pretty content with people watching. I try to bring food along with us and feed you right before our meal comes out. There has only been one occasion where you just were not thrilled. But we solved that problem by watching Sesame Street Alphabet about 20 times.

You dog, Violet, pictured below, sings a few songs with your name in them. There is one in particular you love! It spells out your name and you get super excited. We sing it to you all the time and you just grin ear to ear!

When Aunt KK was a baby, Glammy used to put her in a laundry basket and fill it with toys. She loved it! I recently started doing this with you. It's so great you're contained in a small area full of fun! You think it's okay. You don't like being in there for a long time (10 minutes maybe), but at least I can get a quick shower or throw my hair up and put some makeup on!

Your daddy posted this picture on FB the other day along with his comment:

It totally made me smile. It just sums you up so well. You are our sunshine! We look forward to seeing you each morning and miss you after you go to bed every night. We love each new stage of life and, while we are sad to see some go, we are excited for the future! We love you princess!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday


To say we've been busy is an understatement. Your sad part is we are not even that exciting. I have played bunco twice in the past few weeks. Watch out! Party animal!


I actually have things I need to post. I better get busy!


We've had showings on our house every weekend for the past six weeks. One offer but no sell. Let's go people!! Buy out house!


Spring break starts at 3:15 today.   The kids need it more than I do. No lie. They're crazy!


I'm now a jamberry nails consultant! Love love love them!!  Click on my button on the top right to see more!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hadley: 6 months


We have our doctors appointment Friday and I will update this post then. My guess today is around 20 pounds and maybe 28 or 29 inches? Eeeek! So big!

Finishing up a few size 2 and moving on to size 3!


You are still in 6 months for most outfits but I'm starting to add in some 9 months here and there. I've noticed that if there's a pair of pants that you've worn a lot (meaning we've washed them a lot) then they definitely are not long enough anymore. You have long legs, like your daddy! Tonight I put 9 month pjs on you (all of your 6 months were in the wash) and they were quite big! I was happy to see that you haven't quite made it that far. I love my little peanut!


You continue to do very well in the food department. You are still taking a bottle (4-6 oz) three times a day and nursing in the morning (sometimes), evening, and right before bed. You get apples in the morning and either carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, or peas in the afternoon. We (mommy, daddy, or jenna) mix both with some cereal. You love apples and your favorite vegetable is carrots. We will slowly keep introducing you to new foods and then the sippy cup...eeek!


After being in the hospital overnight, your sleep schedule was off for a little over a week. It was (and still is a little) rough. I'm still not caught up on sleep. But you are getting better. A few days after we got home, you were waking up five to six times a night. It was horrible. Now we are back to once. Last night you slept through the entire night--11 hours!! I might have gone in to see if you were breathing. It was amazing to sleep longer than a six hour time frame and I was so proud of you! I'm hoping it sticks! Such a great way to ring in your half birthday!

Other Events

You had your first hospital stay--super scary. So thankful it is over!

You are now sitting up on your own! We still watch you but you're doing very well.

You are still talking a lot and will look at us in the eyes when you do. It's so sweet!

You love Sesame Street. You still enjoy listening to That's Cooperation, Elmo the Musical (President), and Sesame Street Alphabet. One day you were really upset so I was getting ready to turn on That's Cooperation. When I turned the tv on, Sponge Bob was showing on Nickelodeon. You were amazed. I hate to say that you love Sponge Bob, but you really do. You will laugh and make happy screams. I think it's all of the colors and movement that get your attention. However, when you start to understand what is going on, you will no longer be allowed to watch it--sorry! 

You sat in the cart for the first time two weeks ago at Target. You love it and were (happy) screaming through the aisles!

You still love to bounce in the bouncy seat.

Your favorite toys are the green ball, Sophie, and Violet (the talking dog).

You love Wembley and Oliver...especially Wembley. We're making sure to use the word "nice" as much as we can so you can start understanding it.

You're starting to put your hands out and reaching for us to hold you. It's adorable!

You haven't been sucking your thumb anymore and over the past week haven't really wanted your binkie. But before that you wanted your bink all the time. Not sure what is going on with this phase...

Your feet are still one of your favorite toys (as you can see in one of your pictures above) and you are holding on to them almost every time you are laying on the ground.

Tummy time is still not your friend and you're still not rolling over. It will come.

Your personality is so funny! You get embarrassed easily and put your head on my shoulder when you feel shy.

You're super happy in the mornings and when you're not happy we know you didn't get enough sleep.

Mommy and daddy have been very busy with work lately but you've done so well for us at home and have been adjusting to our busy schedule. I try to leave work very shortly after the bell rings so I can spend as much time as possible with you.

We cannot wait until the weather warms up so we can start taking walks outside!

I can't believe you're six months old already. While the time feels as though it flew by, it also feels like you have been a part of our family forever. Sometimes I think about life before you and sometimes your daddy and I will talk about it. We're amazed at how busy we thought we were and how we thought our lives were so fulfilling. But since you have been in our life, we feel our hearts are completely full. You are such a joy! I am sad to put you to bed every night and so excited to wake you up!

We love you more than we can put into words!
Happy half birthday my Haddie girl!