Monday, August 26, 2013

Menu Monday

Fancy Grilled Cheese

This has pepper jack cheese, bacon, and apple. We love fancy GC. I especially love the apple on it. Also you must use good bread for fancy GC. We used italian bread this time but we've used a variety.

These are great burgers and stayed very moist. I really liked the hint of BBQ sauce but it wasn't too much.  Sorry, not picture!

These were delicious and super easy! I popped everything in the crockpot the night before and let the meat thaw in the freezer. The next morning I put in the crockpot and when we got home, dinner was done! We had left over hamburger buns so just decided to use those. The provolone cheese on top made them extra yummy! I loved that I also had meat for lunch the next day. Tater tots ended up being a quick and easy side.

We originally planned on thai and chicken parm meatballs this week but ended up grabbing Subway and then a frozen pizza. The first week back to school was rough for me. I had a meeting at school until 7pm one night and J got late two different days. Sometimes you just gotta get through it. 

Geeze...we ate a lot of bread this week. Fail.

I wanted to make some soup to freeze for late fall. I asked J what kind he wanted and it was between chili and potato. Since my mom always makes chili, I decided to make potato in case she sends some chili with us. I found this easy crockpot potato soup. One thing I really liked about it was that it didn't call for a crazy amount of milk or heavy cream. In fact, it only calls for cream cheese! I ended up freezing all of it except for two bowls I took for lunch. It was delicious. The only thing I really had to add was salt. It just seemed bland. After adding about 2 tbsp (more) of seasoned salt (for the big pot) it was much better. 

Totally forgot to take a is the one from the site.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 2.31.52 PM
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My two love bugs have been cracking me up lately. Oliver is obsessed with Wembley's cat toy. He hits it so the mouse goes in circles and then tries to get the mouse out of the holder. He carries it all around. Not the brightest bulb!

Wembley is obsessed with ribbons. If you came into my house you would easily find three or four ribbons laying around on the floor. They're all different and from different things. His latest obsession is a new purple ribbon. He's like a kid in a candy store when he gets a new one. But he still carries around all of his other special ones. Really, carries them around the house like a lovey.


Last Saturday, after our great hospital tour, we went to the Food Truck Festival. I'm not going to was hot and busy. And we even got there right when it opened at noon.

Oh! Burgers is my favorite food truck. It's owned by a guy I went to high school with, which is how I found out about it. A friend of mine and myself try to meet there when it is close by us in the summer. They always have the freshest ingredients and I love that they buy local produce. Seriously, best burgers!

We also were given FREE Chobani flip yogurt. I'm going to be honest, I've never been a big Chobani fan, but the flip Almond Coco Loco was very good.


I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday but here is Miss H in all her watermelon glory (she's really dropped too). Yes, I just wore this dress a few weeks ago. Actually I've worn it several times since then but the first time this school year! I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes so I just keep changing up accessories.


Last weekend J and I went out to dinner to Cap City Diner. It was very good (although J said his burger was kind of dry). I had been waiting for this cake all week and it was totally worth it! This looks like two slices but they have to cut it in half to fit it in the container. It was amazing and no worries, I kind of shared with J.


My two (out of three) boys. They just melt my heart!

Holy devil eyes! I tried several times and they kept glowing!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bumpdate: 39 weeks

How big is baby? Baby girl is as big as a watermelon  I definitely feel like I'm carrying a small{er} watermelon around! Especially after working all day!

Maternity ClothesYep...I've already warned my coworkers they could see me in the same outfit several times. I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes. :)

Stretch Marks: On my sides and I found a few under my belly button. :(

Sleep: I'm up a few times to go to the restroom but other than that I've been so exhausted from school that I sleep pretty well.

Best moment of the week? School starting. Just a big sigh of relief! Now that I've made it through the first few days, she can come any time!

Movement: Not as crazy but still some kicks!

Food cravings: Nothing really. I still have a sweet tooth which I hope and pray goes away. The sweet tooth is a new thing for me during this pregnancy. Normally I would easily pass on a cookie or piece of cake. Now, forget it!
I've wanted a spicy italian sub from Subway since I found out I was pregnant. However I did not want to eat any deli meat during the pregnancy. Well, Tuesday night I gave in and ate one. It was delicious! I figured if she really didn't like it she could just come out and tell me!

Food aversions: Chicken...this comes and goes still.

Belly button in or out? In! Stay in please!! You can do it!

What I miss: Non-swollen feet...I've been so swollen since I'm up all day now that school has started. They've been huge and I feel like a troll with square feet/legs. But I just have to keep pushing through!

What I'm looking forward to: Going into labor...even though I'm nervous wreck about it!

Milestones:  Full term, 39 weeks, finishing the first day of school!

Progress: TMI ALERT: Last time I was barely one cm and this time I'm a good one cm. I was really hoping to be two after all the cramping I had this week. Doctor also said that I'm very thinned out, although she didn't give me a number. She said she will plan on seeing me next week but it wouldn't surprise her if I went in before that. She also said if she sees me next week we will schedule my induction. This made me super nervous because I do not want to be induced. I told her and she said she would be shocked if they had to induce me. I can live with that.

 Story to remember-I was having cramps earlier this week and my mom told me that if they're time-able, around 10 minutes, and I'm at school I just need to go home. I told her my doc said I didn't have to go to the hospital until they were 4 minutes apart. But she insists that if they're 10 minutes I just need to go home. I tried to convince her just to let me see how I was feeling and maybe leave at 7 minutes (I live blocks from the school). I'm pretty sure after this conversation she was about to slap me. To say I'm strong willed about certain things is an understatement.

Nursery: DONE! Still waiting for my mom to bring over a project we did...I was hoping to have pictures up by now but I can't until that is hung :( Hopefully soon. Sorry!!

Classes: We are done! The hospital tour went really well and we feel confident in knowing where we will be going. I never knew how many rules they have and how strict they are with the rules. But I think that's a good thing...less stress on us and we can enjoy the experience!

Next appointment: August due date!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  I've read a lot about nursing and that a huge part of nursing is not giving your baby a bottle or pacifier during the first month, especially a bottle. I'm totally okay with that seeing that I'll be home during that time and it's okay if I don't get sleep. Have you had any success with this method?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So What?!

So What Wednesday

So what if...
  • I made my two weeks of sub plans for language arts the night before school started. I don't have to make them but they highly suggest two weeks worth.
  • I plan on unpacking my entire hospital bag this week because I can't remember what I packed. It will drive me crazy if I don't do this.
  • I wear long pants so I don't have to see my feet and legs swell. I will put them up when I get home from school. Until then, out of sight out of mind.
  • I'm praying I make it until Saturday because Emily and I are going to get a pedicure. Not only do I need one (really) but I'm so excited to relax and for someone to rub my feet. It will be heaven!
  • I made it through my goal of getting through the first day of school and now I don't care when she comes. Every day I'm at school is a bonus but I won't freak out about leaving school now that the first day over {however no promises about not freaking out about labor}
  • My doctor hasn't asked me about how we want to go about labor/delivery. As in what our plan is. Is this normal? Should I tell her what we want?
  • My feet and legs are huge when I come home from school. I seriously told a coworker that I feel like a troll with large square feet.
  • I could handle this pregnancy for another week but I'm okay with being in labor tomorrow. Trying to go with the flow!
  • I ate potato soup for lunch Tuesday and Wednesday. We had a lot left over and it was easy...even though it was 80+ outside!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Choosing Birth Announcements

Part of getting ready for baby is having an idea of what birth announcement we want to use. So when it comes time to pick out birth announcements for Hadley there's no doubt which company we will be ordering from. I love using Tiny Prints for invitations, holiday cards, games, stickers, stationary, and photo books, to name a few. But I'm beyond excited to use Tiny Prints for our upcoming birth announcements!

I've been on Tiny Prints a lot lately looking at all of their amazing birth announcements. I have no idea which design we will choose in the end because they're all so adorable! Birth announcements are such a great way to share Hadley's first pictures and birth information with our family and friends and Tiny Prints makes it so easy to do. They have a variety of announcements to choose from for both boys and girls.

Here are a few of my favorites! {click on picture to go to website page}

Girl Photo Birth Announcements Sublime Simplicity - Front : Dusty Rose

Boy Photo Birth Announcements Welcomed Wonder - Front : Enchanted

Girl Photo Birth Announcements Elegant Inscription: Girl - Front : Black

Boy Photo Birth Announcements Typewriter Stats: Boy - Front : Coast

Girl Photo Birth Announcements Welcome With Love - Front : Medium Pink

Boy Photo Birth Announcements Today's Special - Front : Peppermint

Girl Photo Birth Announcements Dots and Joy - Front : Princess

Boy Photo Birth Announcements Written News - Front : Blue

Girl Photo Birth Announcements Winsome Welcome: Girl - Front : Heather

Seriously adorable and so many great choices! Plus who doesn't love those sweet faces! In just a few short weeks we will finally get our turn to pick out Tiny Prints birth announcements and I'm excited to share them with you!

Don't forget you can check out how we used Tiny Prints for Hadley's baby shower here and my inspiration board here.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Menu Monday

Chicken Tacos

No big recipe here. Just throw in  a crockpot: chicken breast, 1/2 jar salsa, and a can of Rotel tomatoes. Let it simmer all day and you have dinner! 

I also made homemade Pioneer Woman salsa, which is our favorite!

Spaghetti Squash

Tuesday night J didn't feel well and went to bed early. I tried to make spaghetti squash, but it didn't turn out too hot. Who knew you actually had to buy a certain type of squash called a "spaghetti squash" and couldn't just use a regular one. Yeah, I didn't.

Major fail.

Turkey Sausage and Peppers

Slow Cooker Sausage and Peppers: delicious, hearty meal made in your #crockpot #dinner
I forgot a picture but ours looked close to this!

I thankfully had all of the ingredients to make this and it was so easy!

In a crockpot add your turkey sausage, green peppers, little onion (J doesn't like onion so I do very little--just for flavor), tomato paste, and diced tomatoes. 
{note: I left out the tomato sauce since there wasn't much meet. It was totally fine}

Let it cook all day and it's ready to eat! I bought some buns to make it more of a sandwich like you would find at the fair. J's brother joined us for dinner so we had some tater tots too.

Apple & Bacon Grilled Cheese

This is one of my favorites! But it is kind of rich so we don't eat it often. The great thing about this is not only is it easy but you can change up the cheese for different flavors. I love using gouda but this time we used pepper jack.


1) Bake 1/2 lb bacon in the oven--I put it in the oven then turn the oven on to 350*. Always start with the oven cold when making bacon.

2) While the bacon is cooking, cut up the apples in thin slices and cut up your bread (we used an italian loaf)

3) Set out all of your ingredients: butter, apples, cheese, bread, and bacon (when finished)

4) Start your sandwich just like a regular grilled cheese. I put down a slice of cheese, then the apple, then bacon, then another piece of cheese to keep it together.

5) Grill it up and enjoy!

Friday night we went out to dinner to enjoy what could be one of our last nice dinners together. We decided on Cameron Mitchel's Cap City Diner. One of our favorite places!

Saturday night was J's night to cook, since he wasn't working! He made some yummy waffles. Nothing too fancy!

I didn't make any freezer meals this week because it was my first week back to school to get my classroom ready. But I do have a few for next week.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bumpdate: 38 weeks...holy cow!

How big is baby? Baby girl is as big as a pumpkin. No surprise...I feel like one! Also let me just say if girlfriend weighs 9 pounds right now I may cry. I highly doubt it though. {note to self: ask Dr about her weight next appointment}

Maternity ClothesYep...

Stretch Marks: On my sides and I found a few under my belly button. That was a sad day.

Sleep: I was doing well with sleep but the past few nights have been terrible. I've been really tired and have been crashing hard but I wake up a lot and have not been comfortable. I tried to sleep back in the bed again but No pain on the couch...lots of pain in the bed. I really think it's our hard mattress. I'm also starting to worry about school (teachers have first day jitters too) so that's not helping the situation!

Best moment of the week? Finding out I was one cm dilated. I know it's nothing but it's a start. My doctor said she would only let me go a week over-due. Not the best thing I wanted to hear (was hoping two weeks) but it's an end in sight. So my due date is August 29th, which means the latest H could be born is September 5th or 6th. Crazy!!

Movement: She's movin' and definitely running out of room!

Food cravings: Nothing sounds good...still...Oh wait, except for Max and Erma cookies but I've only had those once since I've been prego. I'm not giving in.

Food aversions: Nothing really sounds terrible I just have a hard time finding something that sounds good. However heartburn has been terrible so I need to avoid certain foods.

Belly button in or out? In! Stay in please!! You can do it!

What I miss: Non-swollen feet, sleeping on my stomach, and not hurting when I get up. I've been in a lot of pain lately but I think it's because I've been going a mile a minute. I've been in my classroom a lot, walking the halls (not to get baby out, to get stuff done), and constantly picking up at home. I've had very little down time and relax time. But a few more weeks {to enjoy this experience} so time to suck it up and get through it!

What I'm looking forward to: Two more doctor appointments (hopefully no more or less), first day of school, baby girl being born!

Milestones:  Full term, 38 weeks, getting classroom setup, nursery done

Progress: NEW!  Like I said above, I'm one cm dilated. She didn't say anything about effacement. She said she could feel the head and that I was soft and thinning {Sorry TMI--this is for me to remember}. I have a feeling that the next time I go back I will at least be two. I think that starting school and being on my feet all the time will really get her moving. Just a feeling so I could be totally wrong.

Nursery: DONE! I'm waiting on one print, which should be here tomorrow, and then a project that my mom should be bring over Thursday. THEN I will post pics!

Classes: Hospital tour this weekend!

Next appointment: August 22nd

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: My doctor told me about the 4-1-1 of labor; contractions every four minutes, that last a minute, for one hour. If I want to labor at home a little longer, should I follow this or wait until they're closer together? I don't want to give birth at home but I don't want to go to the hospital at 4cm either (maybe 5-6? Is that waiting too long?). 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
So what if...
  • School starts next week therefore the blog will be slacking this week and next week. Sorry!
  • No baby yet, but we are slowly getting there (check out the update tomorrow).
  • I made spaghetti squash last night and it did not go well. At least it was free and organic! {Thank you mom and dad's "farm"}
  • I'm planning on working up until my due date. Yes, you heard that right. Did you gasp in horror? Because I feel like people all around me think I'm completely crazy.
  • It has been extremely hard getting back into the "School Mode". I'm thinking this is because I know I'll be there for a week or two then home with my sweet girl!
  • I'm freaking out a bit about Miss H. Our life is going to change...forever. And while I'm so thankful and so thrilled a part of me is terrified.
  • Oliver came to school with me yesterday. He actually did really well and stayed in the classroom. His favorite thing to do is to run through the halls (on the weekends).
  • I slacked on teacher week. I definitely wasn't as prepared as I thought I was. I'll slowly update...maybe.
  • I was really sad The Bachelorette wasn't on Monday night. I was kind of boring at times but the ending was great--definitely my favorite final rose ceremony--ever!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week!

This week I'm participating in Teacher Week 13!

Check out Blog Hoppin' to link up and find more teachers who are participating!

Today is talking all about me. Something I hate to do. So here are some basic facts about me as a teacher.

  • I am going into my sixth year of teaching at the same elementary school
  • I taught 4th grade for four years then moved up to 5th grade
  • This is my second year teaching 5th grade (if you didn't do the math)
  • We departmentalize in my school = LOVE!! I don't think I would be able to keep one classroom of kiddos all day.
  • While in 4th grade, my first year I taught two (out of four) math classes and language arts to my homeroom. The three years after that I taught social studies to all four classes and language arts to my homeroom.
  • Now in 5th I teach all four social studies classes and my homeroom language arts
  • I don't really have a preference between 4th and 5th grade. They both have positives and negatives
  • I am not a fan of the 5th grade common core social studies standards. I loved the old standards and am very disappointed with the new ones. I also think that they expect 4th graders to learn way to much with the common core social studies standards. Just my opinion. Keep it simple!
  • I have my masters in education administration and have my admin license. Will I ever use it? I don't know. I always planned on it but the administration role today has changed drastically from when I started my masters just four short years ago. 
  • I never wanted to teach in an elementary school. Now, I don't want to leave.
  • I big puffy heart my school. I can't even explain it. My coworkers are my second family and we have quite a big school (3-4 teachers in each grade level K-5 plus specials, intervention, etc).
  • I feel very blessed to have a job that I enjoy going to daily and that I get to watch my students grow

Friday, August 9, 2013

Late Night Brain Dump

Ever since I got back into my classroom my mind has been going a mile a minute. I feel like my house is a mess and my classroom is a mess. Basically my life is a big mess! Not in a bad way just in a crazy way! I have so much on my mind right now that I can't keep up with myself or really have a normal conversation. Basically my mind thinks like this...

All of my desks need to rearranged. Why do I have 31 desks? How many students are in the other classes? I wish we knew our schedule. I wonder if we will have special in the morning? Do we have planning every day? I haven't even started sub plans. I need to bring home my planner from last year and plan. My mom is coming over tomorrow to finish the nursery. Is it too dark in there with the curtains? What else do I want to hang on the walls? I wish the room was a little wider. Could we fit a small table by the crib? I don't want it to be over crowded. I really like how my classroom is set up this year. Hopefully it can stay that way. I can't believe I'll only be in school for two weeks. Last night I had a dream my water broke at the district convocation. I hope that doesn't happen. I really don't like our district meetings. I need to see if my car can get fixed during the meeting. Hopefully Sophia can pick me up. I should also get it cleaned out before H. And I need to take it over to the fire station to get the car seat checked.


I feel like I have to apologize to people to have conversations with me because I can't stay on topic or remember anything! If I don't tell someone or write it down, I'm in trouble. I'm hoping after tomorrow, when my mom helps me finish hanging pictures in the nursery, I will feel better. We have a few other things to do but after this weekend the house should be ready to go.

Then that leaves me and the classroom. The big part of moving desks finally was finished today. Now I just have to make two weeks of sub plans and organize, organize, organize!!!

Hopefully my brain can calm down this week and next and I can finish up to prepare for school. I can't believe it's almost time to go back...but I will only be there 2+ weeks until H comes!

More than anything I can't help but think how thankful we are. I think about it every day and thank God for everything we have, our furbabies, our sweet girl, and pray for a safe and healthy baby/delivery/recovery.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bumpdate: 37 Weeks

That is my, "I miss my 27 week belly" face
I feel and look huge! My maternity shirts are even getting short...
I also think she's dropped from looking at this pic.

How big is baby? We are officially FULL TERM! How crazy is that? This is apparently a winter melon. Do they really sell those in the grocery store? BabyCenter said the size of a Swiss that's not any help either. Basically if she was born now she would be good to go! But I'm hoping she stays comfy for a few more weeks (not too much longer than 40 though).

Maternity ClothesYep...and still happy to have some regular dresses that fit. That will be super helpful when school starts very soon!

Stretch Marks: A few more on my sides. :(

Sleep: Better! Still sleeping on couch but having the back there really helps. I've tried to take naps in the bed and I'm just not comfortable. Not that my stomach is so heavy I feel like I need that extra support on my back...and more than a pregnancy pillow.

Best moment of the week? Our baby care class was very interesting and very helpful. We had to go around and introduce ourselves and then the guys had to say what they're nervous about and what they're excited about. I introduced us and baby girl and J said he was nervous about the labor part (making sure we're both okay) and excited about having tea parties. :) He's the best! J also learned how to put on a diaper the correct way. Bless his heart, he had the stickies in the front!

Movement: She's movin' and groovin' !

Food cravings: Nothing sounds good...still...

Food aversions: Nothing really sounds terrible I just have a hard time finding something that sounds good.

Belly button in or out? In! Stay in please!!

What I miss: Not having swollen feet and sleeping on my stomach in bed. But so thankful for this experience and feeling blessed!

What I'm looking forward to: Three more doctor appointments (hopefully no more or less). Kind of looking forward to school starting. It will be nice to get back into a routine although it will only be for two-ish weeks.

Milestones:  Baby care class done! Full term!!

Nursery: The nursery better should be done by Sunday! Crib is finally up, chair was delivered, and now we just have to hang up pictures and do some more odd and end things. I can't wait to post pictures soon!

Classes: Hospital tour next weekend!

Next appointment: August 13th

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Favorite baby soaps and shampoos? We're thinking Alveeno or Burt's Bees?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So Loving Wednesday?!

I had a few things I'm loving this week and a few things I'm saying "so what" to, so I decided to participate in both Jamie and Shannon's link ups!

What I'm loving this Wednesday...

  • Our crib is up!
  • The nursery will be done this weekend!
  • I won a $50 Walmart gift card and six months supply of Dr. Smith's products. Thank you Dr. Smiths and The Perfect Catch Blog for hosting the giveaway!!
  • J and I have scheduled a last special dinner for this Saturday at one of our favorite places
  • Baby girl will be here in less than a month! (scary too)
  • Things are finally coming together at home
  • I have two new piano students starting in September
  • I sold seven out of the nine purses I had for sale!
  • My Medela pump came in yesterday and it was free! Thank you Edgepark!

So What Wednesday

So what if...

  • I'm keeping this box in my family room because it keep my cat out of trouble and me sane. Trust me, it's worth it. 

  • Last night I made dinner but neither J or I were that hungry. He ate cereal, I ate toast, and we're saving dinner for tomorrow. Whatever works!
  • I can't seem to remember what day of the week it is or the date. Normally I'm on top of it but this week I'm just out of it.
  • I have three more doctor appointments schedule. That's it. Wonder if I'll have to schedule any more?!
  • I'm still mad at Pottery Barn Kids for messing up our crib hardware three times. When we picked the bed up they gave us the wrong packet. We went back to get another packet, came home and realized we were missing pieces. Finally they shipped the correct hardware, which came yesterday, and we are good. It seriously should not take that much time...or be that difficult.
  • I have nothing done in my classroom and really have no motivation to go back. This is definitely a first!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Menu Monday

Here is what we ate last week!

I really need to start taking better pictures. This doesn't look as good as it was. Promise!

I'm pretty sure I need to do a post about my love for the Pioneer Woman. Because I love her. Tuesday night I made Sloppy Joes. I'm not a big SJ fan, but J likes them and I thought I could make extra to freeze. Oh my gosh, they were so good! I added extra chili power to give it a little more of a kick. Not only was it dinner that night but two pounds of meat gave us two more (large) frozen meals! The great thing about SJs, aside from the fact they're super easy to make, they're delicious with ground turkey as well! ps. I found out J outs cheese and mayo on his SJ. I can deal with the cheese, but mayo, really? Yuck!


I watch Pioneer Woman every Saturday. It gives me cooking motivation and inspiration for the week. Seriously. Last Saturday she made smashed potatoes. I had to make them right away because they looked delicious.  I thought the first time they would actually go with the meal was with the SJs. The recipe makes a large amount so I basically made a quarter of what it called for. You bet we will have these again very soon!!

This was not good. J liked it. I thought it was too much. No picture because I didn't care.

Cheddar Turkey Brats

J has been working extra on Thursdays so I needed to make something easy. We had some cheddar brats frozen so I just popped them in a skillet for a bit and we were good to go! While it's not my favorite meal, it's easy and J really likes it!

{see above}

Frozen Burritos

These are so easy! I actually made these for a friend who just had a baby and forgot to take pictures! Sorry!! I'll definitely make more soon and add pictures.

In a skillet add about 1/4 of an onion. Add one pound of meat (turkey or hamburger) then about a half pack of taco seasoning {I usually like to make my own but just used a packet this time}.
Brown meat and let it soak up the taco seasoning.
Set out tortilla shells
Place meat in shell, add cheese, and roll it up. Place in plastic wrap and aluminum foil.
Continue this until all meat is used.
Freeze and enjoy later!

To heat:
Take off aluminum foil and place burrito in microwave 2-4 minutes until heated through.


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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bumpdate: 36 weeks

How big is baby? A honeydew melon. Oh man, she's getting big! I'm hoping she's on the smaller size right now. She's been measuring exactly on or a day behind every time I go to the doctor. So that's good!

Maternity ClothesYep...and still happy to have some regular dresses that fit. That will be super helpful when school starts in just 2.5 weeks!

Stretch Marks: A few more on my sides. :(

Sleep: I've been better at sleeping through most of the night. I usually wake up around 5 am to use the bathroom. Then sometimes I am up for an hour or so while other times I fall right back asleep. Then I wake up around 7:30 am when J leaves for work. I'm usually up for another hour or so. Sometimes I can fall back asleep after he leaves and sometimes I'm up for the day. I really try to go back to sleep though.

Best moment of the week? Getting the nursery put together! More on that under the nursery part.

Movement: Some days she's more active than others. Definitely hurts more but I think because she's running out of room...and we still have four weeks to go!

Food cravings: Nothing sounds good again. I eat when I'm hungry and try to eat small meals/snacks through out the day. I still plan dinner but it never sounds good. Still gotta eat!

Food aversions: Because nothing sounds good, almost all of it sounds not good. It's not terrible just... blah. My food cravings and aversions seriously change almost every week. It's nuts!

Belly button in or out? In...but getting smaller. Sometimes J will tell me, "oh my gosh, you're belly button popped out" and I will freak out! Thankfully he's always teasing me but I'm seriously scared.

What I miss: I can't say I miss anything...maybe worrying about my swollen feet (and not having swollen feet). I feel like I have had such a great pregnancy and wonderful support from family and friends. I've been trying to stay positive (although no promises when I start back at school at 39 weeks pregnant) and just enjoy this time.

What I'm looking forward to: We're officially in due date month (although I wouldn't be sad if she came in September), baby class next week, weekly doctor visits start next week.

Milestones:  We are in August. That means due date month!

Nursery: The nursery is painted! Wahoo!! The crib still needs put up but that is because they didn't give us the right hardware. It will be up this weekend! We are also still waiting on the chair but that's a whole other story. It should be here soon and hopefully I like it...if not, too bad! I start going back to school next week to get my classroom ready so the nursery must be done.

Classes: Baby care class next week!

Next appointment: August 6th

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I've read and talked to a lot of people who bring snacks to the nurses on their floor. Well, we will have two floors. One for labor/delivery and another for recovery. Should I bring two separate baskets of snacks or just focus on one group? I've been told both and just was curious to see what others thought. Thanks!