Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monday, July 6

Since we didn't get a chance to post yesterday, we thought we would do that first. It was a pretty slow day. We signed up to "tour" Orange Lake and learn about their time-share program. The tour was great, but we definitely can't afford it right now. The sales people were very overwhelming and pushy. I know it's their job to sell, but there is only so many times we can say no (for us it was 4 no's to 4 different people).

One positive that came from our tour was the great pictures we got of River Island and the lazy river.

There is obviously a screen in front...sorry!
Speed Limit-23?

The inside of the Registration Building. It's like a cyber cafe.

After the meeting, we hit the pool for a few hours. Then the sky became dark and we were getting hungery. We decided to go "home" and make some pasta for dinner! Josh is the best cook!
Brittany decided to put on Josh's flip-flops...just a little big!

Our yummy dinner!

Then it started to pour!! It's hard to see in this picture, but keep scrolling!

After dinner, we stopped at Walmart to rent movies from Red Box, but we ended up watching Newlyweds instead!!

Tuesday = Epcot!

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