Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday letters


Dear J, 
Thank you for the beautiful flowers you surprised me with this morning. I'm still so proud of all the hard work you're doing at work and in school. You're almost done (with your masters)!!

Dear Dad,
Thank you for tiling our back splash a few weeks ago and painting next weekend. It helps us sooo much and I know you feel better know all of the lines are straight and there are no marks on the ceilings. We love you!

Dear Summer, 
Seriously, where did you go? I feel like we just finished up the last day of school and it's time to go back already! This time flying thing is starting to get old.

Dear Laundry Fairy, 
I think you forgot about us. We're still waiting.

Dear Miss M. (who I "babysit"),
I couldn't have cut out all of those squares in my classroom without your help. I'm sure you're just thrilled to see me next week...when I put you to work again :)

Dear Student Loans,
There is no love/hate relationship anymore. Now that my grad school loan is going to kick in soon, it's purely hate/hate/hate.

Dear Weather,
Thank you for being b-e-a-utiful today! I could get used to this high of 75*.


  1. So many of your letters sound familiar - especially the summer and laundry fairy one. Sounds like you have a sweet daddy to come help at your home.

  2. If the laundry fairy comes to see you, send her my way next!

  3. Summer went super fast, we were crazy busy this year. :)