Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Day I Told My Students...

The day I told my students I was pregnant is a day I will never forget. In fact, I could kick myself in the behind for not video recording it. Seriously, it would have been a YouTube hit!

I was beyond excited to tell my kiddos. Since I had all of them last year in 4th grade we know each other very well. They truly feel like my kids most of the time and I've seen them more in two years than some of their own families. As crazy as they may drive me, I love them so much! So I was pumped to tell them about the baby.

Just a few days before Valentine's Day, one of my students asked when I was going to have a baby. I immediately became worried. Did he hear me say something? Is he psychic? When I asked him why he wanted to know he informed me that a few of the kids were talking about it the other day and how I was getting old and probably should have a kid soon.

Because all students think about their teacher and when she should have a child.

Anyways, jump forward to Valentine's Day and I was a nervous wreck! I don't know why I was so nervous to tell them. I really thought they would be excited and clap a little but would be so focused on their Valentine's candy and cards that they wouldn't care too much.

Boy, was I wrong!

We played high/low at the end of the day, just like every Friday (Thursday), and we also added something we loved to our high and low list. When it was my turn I said, "I love something new today." Then I showed them my paper heart that said, "Baby G".

There were crickets. Nothing. No reactions. It took them about 20 seconds for it to click in. Finally one of the girls said, "Baby G, are you having a baby?"

Cue freaking out.

Gasps were heard all around the room. There was screaming. There was clapping. There was jumping up and down. One of the girls was crying. There were many questions including, "is it a boy or girl?", "what are you going to name it?", "when did you find out?". 

I slowly became overwhelmed and a little embarrassed  I know they mean well, trust me, but they were going crazy. A few of them ran to the other 5th grade rooms and shouted it out. They were yelling it up and down the hallway. Thankfully the bell rang and they were gone but I was told by my principal that if you were in the hall or outside in the front with the buses, you knew within about five seconds.

I love that they are so excited for me and my family. They almost had me in tears before they exploded. But I have a difficult time with having all the attention on me, so I'm not going to lie when I tell you it was a little much for me to handle. But I'm so thankful for how much they care and they were hysterically funny. And remember the only reason why I had this much reaction was because they know me so well and we're on year two together.

Now I can only hope they are able to lay low about it for the rest of the year. I know that they will be excited for a while. I definitely have to make them promise not to freak out this much when I tell them the gender!


  1. Awe OMG that is too sweet! I love that you found a creative way to tell them and I love their excitement! So fun!

  2. This is so cute!! You can tell that they love you. (Which is not surprising. :) )

  3. How fun! Gotta love their excitement!

  4. That is so stinkin' cute!How awesome to have your class so excited about the pregnancy!

  5. I love that you told your students!

  6. This is is so sweet! I loved reading about their reactions. I teach special education to grades kindergarten through fifth grade, am 20 weeks pregnant, and have yet to tell my students. I'm not quite sure when or how I'm going to do it, but I probably should soon!

  7. That is so cute how they reacted! :)