Monday, April 7, 2014

Hadley 7 months

Disclaimer. This has been ready to be posted since MARCH 27TH!!! I wrote it on my phone, it "post" and it never went up! Then I deleted half of it on accident while on the computer (saved funny from phone). Anyways--it's finally here!!

You are seven months our sweet girl! I still cannot believe it! Someone asked me how old you were and I had to think for a second. Seven months? That doesn't seem right! You are growing way too fast!


You are about 21lbs and 24 inches long. 

Size 3! We still love Pampers Swaddlers


You are definitely wearing all 9 month clothing. We have two 6 month outfits that fit put the pants are a little short. I think they fit because the shirt is loose and doesn't snap at the bottom. :) Anything we've been buying you for summer has been 12 months. I'd rather it be big so you can wear it longer! You wear size 2 in shoes, but they're still a little big. I love your tiny feet!


You have been doing great with food and are so funny. You hate anything that is cold. If we don't let it sit for a few inured before feeding you, you'll either spit it out (rare occasion anymore) or make a face like it's the worst thing you've ever tried. But by bite 3 or 4, you're good to go. You love prunes and apples. Your favorite vegetable is carrots followed by sweet potatoes (which we try not to give you much of). Recently you've tried pumpkin and really like that! You still are not too fond of greens and they sometimes make your tummy upset. You did enjoy a spinach and berry mix packet of food the other day! We are so happy you're enjoying fruits and veggies and hope it continues. You're eating stage one of all foods. I honestly have no idea when we should go to stage two, but we'll figure it out! We've tried a Nuk sippy cup a few times from Miss Keri but it didn't work too well. She did tell me that just because it worked well for her kids doesn't mean it will work for you. All kiddos are different. So I bought some Playtex sippy cups to try next. 


Your sleep is so inconsistent. Some nights you wake up three times, others twice, and sometimes you sleep through. I blame a lot of it on me. Dr. B said that I need to let you cry a little more and not pick you up each time. So hard to do with that sweet face! But we did it Monday and it worked! Hopefully that will help the both of us!

*Update (since this is late to post): Thursday, April 3 we tried a new routine. I now put you down to bed when you're awake. The first few nights were rough. We let you cry 15 minutes (not hard cry), then I would go in and tell you it was okay, rub your tummy, and settle you down. I would not pick you up. Then I would leave. You'd get very upset then. But within 2-3 minutes you would settle and go to sleep. Since then, you've slept entirely through the night. Last night (Sunday) you actually went down for both naps and for bed and fussed less than one minute!!! SOOOO proud of you!!

Other Events

You has the croup again!! We caught it early but it was still the middle of the night and we still has to go to the ER. Hopefully we are done with this. It's so weird to me. You'll be totally fine during the day and then it happens at night. Both times we were at Glammy and Peepop when it happened. Dr. B. said that if it happens again we will look into allergy testing. His motto is, "two times it's a coincidence; three times a problem". Hoping it's just a coincidence but if not I hope we can get some answers. 

You are sitting up like a pro! You love to reach for things and trying to look at everything. Sometimes you'll even tip over because you try to bend and look around something in order to see something else. I wish I had a picture of it. It's too cute!

You're in a big girl car seat! You love to look out the window and are usually pretty quiet. The hardest part is sleeping. I feel so bad for your little head wobbling all over. I did buy you a head rest yesterday that will hopefully fix the problem. I know so many kids sleep like that but I worry about restricting your airway. #firsttimemom

You love books! We read at least three stories before bedtime each night, unless you're really exhausted then we are lucky to get through one. Your favorites are Friends For Calico, I Love You So, and Ten Little Ladybugs. We usually read these every night with some others mixed in. I think I can recite Friends For Calico in my sleep...forwards and backwards! Daddy and I both hope you continue to love reading and listening to stories!

When you were at the hospital the first time, they gave you an electric toy guitar. You're obsessed! Hopefully this will mean you are musically inclined like me and daddy. We are so excited I teach you piano, percussion, and violin one day. Hopefully you will enjoy at least one of them or pave your own path with a new instrument!

So rolling over is still not your thing. We will push you half way and then you will do the rest but you're not doing it alone. You still have no desire to either even when we tempt you with a cell phone, high is your favorite thing to get your hands on! 


You are the sweetest thing! You love to give us hugs and sometimes will give kisses. You are so happy most of the time but when you get mad, watch out! You have a short fuse and temper. I'm sure a lot of it is the fact that you can't really communicate with us. That is definitely a challenge! 

Knock on wood, you do not touch any head bands or hats on your head. However the sun glasses don't last too long. I hope this continues and that I didn't just jinx myself!! 

You love your brothers and know their names. About 95% of the time Wembley is into some kind of trouble. As soon as we say his name, you look up at the cabinets because you know he likes to jump up there. You also love to watch them chase each other through the house. You will scream and get super excited!
Every time I take your weekly and monthly picture I have to be prepared because the blocks do not stay up any more!

We rarely go out to eat but when we do you are so good most of the time. As long as you have a few toys, you are pretty content with people watching. I try to bring food along with us and feed you right before our meal comes out. There has only been one occasion where you just were not thrilled. But we solved that problem by watching Sesame Street Alphabet about 20 times.

You dog, Violet, pictured below, sings a few songs with your name in them. There is one in particular you love! It spells out your name and you get super excited. We sing it to you all the time and you just grin ear to ear!

When Aunt KK was a baby, Glammy used to put her in a laundry basket and fill it with toys. She loved it! I recently started doing this with you. It's so great you're contained in a small area full of fun! You think it's okay. You don't like being in there for a long time (10 minutes maybe), but at least I can get a quick shower or throw my hair up and put some makeup on!

Your daddy posted this picture on FB the other day along with his comment:

It totally made me smile. It just sums you up so well. You are our sunshine! We look forward to seeing you each morning and miss you after you go to bed every night. We love each new stage of life and, while we are sad to see some go, we are excited for the future! We love you princess!

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  1. She is such a cutie! I love that picture of her little belly popping out over the book! So sweet! Hard to believe she's already 7 months!