Sunday, July 5, 2009

We made it!

We finally made it to Florida! Wahoo!! Josh loves the Florida Welcome Center and the free OJ. So, we always stop there as soon as we get to Florida. Right before we crossed the state line, Josh saw the exit for the Information Welcome Center. So, he gets off the exit and finds it weird that it's not right there-that we have to go across the freeway. When we get there this is the "Welcome Center" we find... Definitely NOT what we thought it was...haha!! Sorry about the picture. Brittany was laughing too hard to get the camera and take it.

We finally cross the state line (who would have a Florida Welcome Center in Georgia??)

Here is the real Welcome Center...much better :)

Welcome to our resort-Orange Lake

Our kitchen
Family room
Master BR
Extra BR

That is all of the pictures we have to share today. Since we have a nice kitchen, we went to Walmart when we first got here to get food for dinner this week. We have NEVER, EVER seen a Walmart soooo busy! We are pretty quick in Walmart (we like to think) but it took us 2 HOURS from leaving the resort to getting back. CRAZY!!!

More updates and pictures tomorrow! Enjoy your evening.

ps. It gets dark here at 9pm instead of our 10pm in Ohio...kinda depressing :(

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