Friday, March 2, 2012


Hello March 1st. Where did the time go? January and February just flew by! I guess that's a good thing...and these temperatures are crazy! 40s, 50s, and 60s in February? That is unheard of in Ohio, especially being this consecutive.

Will March continue this amazing pattern?? I'm all for it!

But what will March bring to our little family?

My school is hosting it's first ever sock hop. I'm super excited. Now I just need to find something to wear!

J has a lot of elections at work and will spend hours counting votes. Talk about some fun right there.

Spring break. Spring break. Spring break.

Several meetings and even more classes

Family birthdays (my cousin, J's grandparents, J's mom)

Setting our clocks forward on March 11th. Can I get a wahoo?!

My grad school portfolio is due at the end of March, scary but true! I will feel such a relief when I turn it in and say goodbye for ever!

A sigh of relief that we made it through the month!

Even though March is a long month, I'm so excited that it is here!

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  1. So exciting that you'll be done grad school so soon.