Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gender Poll & Upcoming Reveal

I can't put in to words how excited I am to find out the gender of this baby. I don't know how people wait the nine months without knowing (God bless you)! I've had several friends wait but I'm just not one that can handle that. I'm a planner. I do not like surprises. I like to be in control. I know my world will come crashing down with planning, surprises, and control once the baby is here, so I might as well enjoy one last hurrah while I still can.

I've been reading a lot into old wives-tales because honestly, what's not fun about that. I love the guessing game and I keep going back and forth. I have not the slightest idea what this little baby of ours is but I'm super excited to find out!

Morning sickness: I threw up just a few times, but I was very nauseous throughout my first trimester. I had some days where I wasn't sure how I was going to make it through the day. GIRL

Cold feet: My feet are always cold and have continued to be. 

Soft or dry skin? Dry. BOY

Are you craving citrus? Not really. I want vegetables all the time. GIRL

Have you felt glowing or less than beautiful and had lots of breakouts?  I've had breakouts and I don't see the glow nor has anyone else told me that I have one. GIRL

Ramzi Method: One of my ultrasounds is on the right the other on left but when I use the home doppler, I hear it on the right. This one is really getting to me. BOY

Heartbeat indicator: At my last ultrasound the heartbeat was 162. But I know others who have had a higher HB and it's been a boy. In this case signs point to 

Dreams: I've had several dreams about a GIRL recently. However at the beginning I had dreams about a BOY.

Chinese Gender Calendar: I've looked at six different sites. 4/6 say 

Hair on legs:  About the same...definitely not faster. GIRL 

Addition test (Month you got pregnant + age when you got pregnant):  

Do you eat the end of a loaf of bread?  This has never bothered me. If it's there, I'll eat it. I have always loved the ends of fresh baked bread! BOY

Craving sweet or salty: Both. I love icecream but salty olives are amazing too. I actually prefer spicy which I've seen as both. BOY GIRL

Eli Test: A good friend of mine has a little boy, Eli, who is the master at guessing baby genders and due dates. He's only been wrong once and that time he was one day off of a due date. The kid is three and a genius! For me he guessed GIRL

Mother's intuition: When I first found out I thought it was a BOY. 100%. Now, I'm not sure.

Girl 10   BOY 7

While I'm not taking any of this to heart, I definitely think it's fun and entertaining to check it out. We want a healthy baby whether it be a boy or girl.

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We will let you know in a few weeks!


  1. What a cute post! Can't wait to hear!

  2. All of those Chinese gender chart things were right for me! Can't wait to hear! I think boy for you :)

  3. I can't explain why. But I'm having some serious boy vibes for you!! Can't wait to find out!

  4. It's so fun isn't it! Every old wives tale said Girl for me except for 1 or 2 and I'm having a Boy- I'm going to say girl for you because we need some females to even out all the boys people are having these days!

  5. Girl all the way! Can't wait to find out!

  6. This is a tough one! I'm going to go with boy because most of the old wives' tales said girl for me and I'm having a boy!

  7. It's so funny... those wives tales were mostly wrong for me, but still fun to think about. I was the SAME way - I couldn't imagine waiting 9 whole months to find out if the little person inside me was a boy or girl, it was killin' me! I am going to say GIRL only because it's the year of the girl so far... seems everyone is having little girls. But you will be fabulous either way - and you definitely have a glow, it just gets a little hidden with the morning sickness, I was the same way! :)