Friday, March 23, 2012

MIA...ya think?!

So my last post was 21 days ago. That's like a month. A LOT has been going on and I can't believe it's the END of March. Where did the time go??

I turn in my grad school portfolio this Tuesday and I will be DONE with my internship. After that I only have a few papers to write and I can officially say goodbye to grad school.

J got a new car!! We went a bit over our budget and purchased a 2009 Honda Accord with only 17,000 miles on it! Wahoo!! He is so excited! We actually bought it over a week ago, but we just picked it up today. They had to fix some scratches and detail it, but it looks fabulous and he was beaming! :)

2009 Honda Accord LX-P Sedan 
{very similar car}

I've discovered a new recipe for my buttercream icing. It's a mix of icings I've used in the past. It's pretty freakin amazing, if you ask anyone me. This is one that I won't be sharing because my dream is to have my own cupcake store one day and if I do, then my secret will already be out there. We can't have that happening now, can we?

Even though March has gone extremely fast, we haven't done much except for school work. I'm finally on spring break and we have a few things planned for the week, which will make great blogging material.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. March has gone too quickly! A lot of people have been posting about buttercream icing this week... Have a great weekend!