Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shout out!

It just occurred to me today that I never did a shout out to my amazing blog designer.

Becca at Jumping Jax Designs with such a doll to work with! I told her I wanted something that included both J and myself (even though I will mainly be writing on the blog) because it's about our life. When I went to pick out the images I knew that these two people completely represented us. She took them along with the color pallet I wanted to use and created this amazing design!! She was very easy to work with and got back to me right away. She even makes party invitations and birth announcements!

I'm so glad she helped us create a new look for our blog and I completely recommend her work to anyone!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'd like to get my blog re-designed and I love the way yours turned out.

  2. She def did a great job! I've been thinking about doing a blog re-design myself and will keep her in mind =)