Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where has April gone?

I can't believe it's April 24th already. Where has the time gone?

I wish I could say we've been up to exciting adventures, but not so much. So to stay a little interesting, I decided to a little photo dump of our month so far.

J and I love to go to the Half Price Book Store. Who wouldn't?! As soon as we step in the door, we both go to our favorite places-- I go to Ohio History and J to European History. I'm pretty sure we are one of the dorkiest couples in the store. I guess that's what happens when I teach about Ohio and J just loves European history (snore).

My great-aunt passed away the day before Easter. Unfortunately, they live three hours away in Kentucky, so we don't get to see them too often. I was never very close to my great-aunt, but have spent hours on the phone with my great-uncle, Gordon. He loves history and genealogy and he could talk and talk about both all day long. They are both the kindest people and married almost 60 years. There was never one without the other. They were such amazing role models for married couples! I went down to Kentucky for the funeral with my dad and sister. It was a beautiful day and I know Aunt Eloise is at peace.

What would a blog post be without sharing by beautiful babies...

Top left: Oliver fell asleep and I tried to snap a pic, but he caught me!
Bottom left: I love him SO much!
Left: Buddy fell asleep on the way home from the in-laws. So sleepy!

And the Beaver... {I call him the Beav, or Beaver, because he reminds me of the kid on Leave it to Beaver. Not quite with the program all the time, really smart, and always getting into trouble!}
Oh, the life of a cat!

I hope to jump back into the blogging world now that I'm finally done with grad school (more on that later). I've been terrible about reading, commenting, and obviously blogging. Excited to finally have more time for the real important things in life!


  1. Welcome back to the blog world girl!!
    So sorry to hear about your great aunt.

  2. Congrats on being done with grad school. That must feel like such a relief to be finished!

  3. So so sorry about your aunt but awesome about school!!!!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your great aunt.

    April went too quickly and I'm not even sure what I did this month!

  5. Sorry to hear about your aunt. Half priced books are the best!