Sunday, November 25, 2012

For the southern ladies

If you didn't already know, I am a 5th grade teacher. We departmentalize (aka switch classes) so I teach Social Studies to all four 5th grade classes. In Social Studies, we learn all about the different regions of the United States. We are slowing "touring" them and  looking at important and/or interesting places in each region. Before we went on Thanksgiving break, we started the Southeast Region. We have visited Everglades National Park, Kennedy Space Center, and Disney World! We will finish up the region this week.

This is where I need your help...

I want to do a little presentation all about Southern dialect/sayings and traditions. I know some information--all of my dad's family {and J's family} are from the south but none of them are living there anymore--but I'd love to have more.

Southern Grammar   #dialect

Here are a few things I want to know from you...

1)  What are some daily words you use that are only heard of in the south? {"buggy", "picture made", "Don't be ugly", etc}

2)  What traditions do you have in the south that are not found anywhere else? {Pickle in the tree?}

3)  Best part about living in the south? {aside from the nice weather}

Thank you so much for your help! I will let you know how it goes!! :)


  1. One of my co-teachers when I taught in Florida used to say she was "fixin to do something". Like "I'm fixin' to head to church."

  2. We put a pickle in our tree for Christmas lol :)
    I'm not Southern but when I lived in Florida, I agree with Sonya there was alot of 'fixin' going on :)

  3. We call all "soda" Coke unless we are specifically ordering something else. So we'd say, "Wanna go get a coke?" Or "Get me a coke from the fridge." Then if there was more than one option, it gets specific. "What do you want?" "Dr. Pepper". Clearly that's not Coke, but it's all coke unless its not. :) Clear as mud? (That's also something we say!)

  4. Oh Fun! You should "go to" Nashville. We are called the Athens of the South because we were the first southern city to establish a public school system and because of all of the colleges and universities. We have a big Parthenon in our Centennial Park. I know that wasn't your question but I thought I would throw it out there. :)

    Phrases- you have it right with "buggy" (aka shopping cart:) and y'all. Another is "coke" (all soft drinks are cokes whether they are sprite, orange soda, etc.), "Fixin' to go somewhere" is basically I am about to do it, "Bless her/his heart" basically said for everything that could be going wrong or someone is having a hard time, or someone got hurt etc. Jenn- "Sue fell down the stairs the other day", Sally- "Goodness, bless her heart!" We all say "Ma'm and Sir" to everyone. Normally it is teachers, neighbors, people older than you etc. but can also be people closer to your age (normally not younger). Another thing we do is (and not everyone does) you call your parents friends Miss. Paula or Mr. Bob. It is a sign of respect. Now we also say, "A come to Jesus," not sure if that is a southern thing though. Basically when you need to give someone a talking to :)

    Traditions- Hmm, not really sure. Some people fry turkeys on new years day, we have done it before but no idea if it is just this part of the country. We have "dressing" for Thanksgiving (aka stuffing).

    Best Part- Hmm, location? You can drive to the ocean (about 6 hours) and it will be warm water. People are really friendly and nice (for the most part) and neighbors care about each other (I know this is not only a southern thing, haha). We bake food for people all the time when they need it. I love that one of the first things people will ask you is where you go to church. I know others may find it offensive but I love it.

    That is all I can think of right now!! Have fun! If you have any questions just ask :)

  5. I agree with the other comments! Also, I call swimsuits bathing suits. Instead of saying mow the lawn, I say cut the grass. I didn't know these were Southern until I moved to Oklahoma and my friends here pointed that out to me! :) Oh and of course, can't forget "Y'all!" I'm not a football fan, but I know it's tradition to dress up for football games in the South.