Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Story of the year

This is a true story. Promise.

A teacher I work with has three daughters. The youngest is 10 and in the 4th grade. Just recently she had a talk with her mom about the Tooth Fairy. Yesterday, we were told the conversation they had...

Daughter: "Mom, are you really the Tooth Fairy?"

Mom: "Yes, dear."

{short pause while the daughter is thinking}

Daughter: "So, does this mean you are the Easter Bunny too?"

Mom: "Yes, dear..."

{Another pause...wheels are spinning in her head...thinking longer}

Daughter: (sounding a little disappointed) "Are you Santa Clause too?"

Mom: "Yes, Honey."

Daughter walked away disappointed now knowing that everything she believed in wasn't "real".

A few minutes later, the daughter walks back in the room after thinking again for one final question.

Daughter: "Mom, are you God?"

My coworker told us they had another conversation about this subject. 

When I was told this story I could not stop laughing. Not only is it so funny, but bless her heart, she really thought about it! It was just too cute!!

Story of the year.