Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, J!

Today is J's 29th birthday! We are kind of laying low this year since next year he will be the big 3-0. However, we will be enjoying a nice dinner at Bravo tonight to ring in his last year in his 20s.

For his birthday, I thought it would be nice to list 29 reasons why I love him. I'm sure I could think of plenty more, but since he's 29, I'll stick to that number. It's no 29 dollars, but I think it means a little more.


In no particular order... (just what came to my mind)

I love...

1. his kindness

2. his love of animals

3. his love of family

4. that he is such a hard worker and has been working so diligently in grad school

5. his soft heart...even though he acts tough sometimes

6. how much he cares for me, Oliver, and Wembley

7. when he wakes up from is sleep really fast then asks me questions that are regarding to work, video games, or space

8. he is so good with little kids

9. his support for me in school and work

10. how much he he loves his new car! haha

11. his good cooking

12. that he will watch How I Met Your Mother and Bethanny Ever After with me and loves both!

13. that he never asks how much I spent or makes me feel bad for buying something nice for our house, me, or him :)

14. that he randomly brings me home flowers

15. that he is learning to be a better husband as I'm learning to be a better wife

16. that he pushes me to do things outside my comfort zone...even when I freak out!

17. when he talks about playing baseball or tea party with our future children

18. that he helps me around the house and takes out the trash

19. that he still plays with legos

20. that he helps me with things at school

21. that he will listen to me cry and vent

22. that he tries to fix situations when I'm upset even when they don't involve him and I sometimes panic he's going to call the people involved

23. his sense of humor

24. his eyes

25. that he drives everywhere we go...I hate driving

26. that he wants to help kids with special needs

27. when he holds my hand

28. when he sings Your Man by Josh Turner (a rare occasion)

29. that he married me!

Happy 29th Birthday, J! Love you lots!!


  1. Awww, ya'll are so cute! Happy Birthday J! I just found your blog from the showcase of sponsors on L.A.I.D and just had to stop on over when I saw you had a love affair with your Crock Pot. So do I! I'm hoping maybe I can pick up a good recipe or two from ya :-)