Monday, June 4, 2012

Goodbyes and new beginnings

Today is my last day of school but it's not any ordinary last day. Today is my last day of teaching 4th grade.

In August 2008, I started my adventure as a first year teacher. I was welcomed into a wonderful school and an even more amazing team of teachers. I had never set foot into a 4th grade classroom, not even in my student teaching, so this was all crazy new for me! I was excited and ready to learn. My mentor, and now great friend, taught me so much during my first year along with the rest of my team. We truly became a family that first year and our passion for the kids and teaching aligned so well. We were/are unstoppable. Not to brag, but I'm certain that we have the best team dynamics in the school. ;o)

Four years later, I wouldn't take back any moment that has occurred while teaching in my school. My team and the staff I work with have supported me as we have all support each other. The kids I've had in my class all have special places in my heart and I'm so thankful to have been their teacher. I feel so incredibly blessed to be at such an amazing school.

Today is my last day of teaching 4th grade. As I think about it, I wonder if it will be the last day I ever teach 4th grade. In reality it could be! But while it's sad to leave my first classroom and teammates behind (well down the hall), I'm excited to start a new adventure in 5th grade!


  1. Hy doll! lovely post! what do u say about following each other?:X

  2. So excited for you...your going to do great girl!