Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Word Vomit.

I really didn't know what else to call this post. It's just a bunch of thoughts and randomness...but makes perfect sense to me.

We have been super busy. Like sometimes I don't even know what I did when I had grad school work on top of all this. Then I think about if we had a child! Everyone does it. We could too.

I'm "touring" the United States with my students. This week we are studying the Midwest. Boring. I'm trying to make it exciting and show video clips but really...who wants to learn about farm land? Not this city girl. I'm definitely learning a lot on these "trips" and over all, the kids really enjoyed them. We've been known to make posters for specific cities, learn how to make bread like the colonists, and even dance the Charleston {my favorite}.

My cat is a sh*t. There are really no other words. If you ignore him in the evening (because we actually have work to do) he will get on the counter and knock everything off. So not only do I have to clean the counter again but I have to pick up the mess and put any dishes back in the dishwasher. He also learned how to unlock the child proof locks. Note to self: Ikea childproof locks are not cat proof.

Because we are "touring" the U.S. I spend at least two hours a night working on a presentation for my classes for the next day. Guess what I'll be working on all break?!

My parents are selling sold their house. They start moving December 26.

Winter break starts in FIVE school days. Yes, five. Then it's working on presentations and packing. :) But it's so nice to be home.

My cat J's cat also gets in the tree and knocks down the ornaments, ribbon, and takes out all of the twirly twigs that are on the lower half.

I've been doing a great job at cooking. I'm excited that I'm keeping up with meal planning. Thank the Lord for CrockPots!

Over my short Thanksgiving break three of my friends (both high school and college) told me they were expecting. Seriously. Something is in the water.

I really want an Elf. I told Oliver to write Santa for one but he won't. I told him that if we had an Elf then I would leave a  trail of treats for him every day. I also told him the Elf would bring bananas. He didn't seemed too amused.

Speaking of Elves. When one of my piano students told me about his elf I almost said that I needed to get Oliver one of those...woah buddy. I'm glad I stopped myself at "I need to" and finished it with "get Oliver to write a letter to Santa". Close call!

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