Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year in Review

Our little blog started up again in February 2012. I had currently been blogging for myself on another blog but decided to open it up to family and friends. We had had this blog for a while and really decided to go for it. We shared what our life was like and how we were boring and basically consumed with grad school.

March came along and there were so many things to look forward to including spring break and finishing up grad school for me! J and I were both crazy busy in March and didn't blog much. I promise, you missed nothing. We were quite boring.

Wembley's favorite part about Ikea

In April we took a weekend trip to Cincinnati where we had our first Ikea extravaganza and found a new favorite bar/restaurant Arnolds! I can't wait to go back!! Our blog got this fabulous makeover by Jumping Jax Designs, which we still adore!

May was an exciting month for us because we had so much going on! First, May is melanoma awareness month, which is near and dear to my heart. I can't tell you enough: don't tan, wear sunscreen, and be careful of who you donate your money to. By the time May was half way over, I had officially graduated from grad school, my sister went to prom, and we had so much more to go! At the end of May, I found out that I had gotten the 5th grade position at my school and my sister graduated from high school--both bittersweet. Finally, J had a wonderful 29th birthday!

In June, I said goodbye to teaching 4th grade and hello to 5th grade. I also posted pictures of my sister's graduation party, which turned out beautifully. She had everything from a candy bar to a wishing tree. It was a success! School was over, but there was still a lot to do with moving into a new grade and new curriculum. I had a list of goals that I successfully accomplished during the summer months. We also vacationed to OBX, which I guess I never blogged about--oops!

July was very low key. The Olympics were in full force as we reminisced about the Magnificent Seven at the 1996 Olympics. The 4th of July has always had a special place in my heart because it's when we became a free country. It's amazing to think how our standards have changed since that time. Adoption holds another special place in my heart and Amy wrote an amazing post about the adoption tax credit that would help so many. At the end of August I had a little fun and joined in with some other bloggers blogging about "if you really knew me".  July was a slow month.

August started out rocky in the blog world. I was able to get into my new classroom and I had to unpack everything that was moved. It was a lot of work but wonderful to clean out and throw junk away! I talked about my unhealthy obsession with my Crock-Pot and how I basically can't cook anything unless it's in there! Emily and I went to Chicago and had a wonderful girls weekend. Yes, I slacked again and didn't blog about that either...I blame school starting again.School started at the end of August and it felt like Groundhog day. When you have the same kids two years in a row it's challenging to separate the two years. It just feels like one really long year!
September started on a clean slate. We got new carpet in the family room, a new dishwasher, cleaned out the basement, and my sister headed to college. We felt very accomplished! I found this amazing classroom library book organizer that is seriously the best thing ever! I know exactly which books of mine the kids are reading. It was a lot of work to set up, but totally work it! I also linked up with Kelly for Show Us Your Singles. I put my sweet friend Emily on there! She's still single boys!! School was crazy busy but never too busy for some fall fashion! On September 27th, I started my twenty-eight random acts of kindness in 28 days for my 28th birthday!

In the beginning of October, sad news hit the blog world but many were around to help. I was introduced to Voki, which is a great tool to use in the classroom. Wembley helped me check it out! Two of my favorite bloggers {and friends} Emily and Sam guest posted for me. Be sure to check out their posts if you haven't already. I also completed my twenty-eight random acts of kindness in 28 days on my 28th birthday. It was a success! Finally I shared with you my favorite Halloween costumes, following in Whitney's blog steps.

November started with a great guest post from Pam all about holiday crafts. I talked about how my mother did not prepare me to cook a Thanksgiving feast but thankfully we all survived Thanksgiving dinner this year {thanks to my inlaws}.  I shared some glammor shots of my fur babies because who can get enough of them. I also taught you about the dirty dozen and how to eat cleaner, which has been near and dear to our hearts lately. I also shared with you the most hysterical story that I had heard in a while. It was so funny that I couldn't even tell people because I would start cracking up. Seriously. If you click any link on this recap, click this one.

This was a month I will truly never forget. At the beginning of the month, I showed you my hoarder side with my mountain of tupperware  . I also talked about our holiday traditions which are very special to us and I can not wait to add more. Christmas was bittersweet this year because it was the last year at my parent's house that I grew up in. They are currently moving in to their new home as we speak.

2012 had it's ups and downs. There were a lot of things I didn't blog about that were not so happy but for my own personal memories. There were many stressful times for our family but I hope when everything is done and over not only can I share with you but it will have a wonderful outcome.

I'm so excited to bring in the new year. Odd years always make me nervous for some reason. But my age is an even number so I think it evens out :) I'm sure 2013 is going to be the best year yet. Stay tuned!