Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What I learned from childbirth

I had no idea what to expect during childbirth. It didn't matter what or how much I read nothing would have prepared me 100%. That's life. However there are many things I learned throughout this process that I want to remember. When I look back at my blog book one day (there are websites to help you make your blog to a book), I want to remember the entire process. That is why I blog. For me. For my little family. For memories.

What I learned from childbirth...
  • Have an open mind. This is probably #1 on my list. I wanted to have a natural childbirth more than anything. Josh and I felt it was best for me and for H if we could try. I never said no to the idea of drugs. I always told people I would try to go natural and if I needed something then we would assess at the time. Because J and I both having an open mind it made getting the epidural much easier when the time came (even though I felt undefeated). I was really only against a c-section but would have done it if H was in danger at all.

  • Having a good support system is a must. Yesterday I posted all about my husband. When I told him that I posted H's birth story, he asked if I talked about him. I replied, "not really, because I have a whole post about you." That is how important he was to me through this experience.
  • Eat before you go to the hospital. If you have time or you can...haha! Since I was in labor over 24 hours I could not eat or drink during that time. The eating thing wasn't as important as the drinking. I just wanted water for hours. Ice chips and popsicles did not help my thirst. I remember telling J at one point I just wanted a PB&J and a coke...and I'm not a big pop drinker. Thank goodness I ate before we got there!

  • Don't tell your husband to push on your legs. Okay this is hard to explain. When I was pushing, J was on my left side and the nurse on my right. The doctor told me I needed to push harder. So, I told J that I wanted him to push my leg towards me as I pushed. Bad idea. While having the epidural and having him push back I ended up damaging nerves in my leg. This has put a major wrench in things. Three weeks out of the hospital and I still cannot walk normally and have to be careful using the steps. I actually fell in the hospital while walking because my leg just gave out on me. So be careful with the pushing, especially when you can't feel much of your legs!
  • Sleep. As much and whenever you can in the hospital. Then when you come home sleep when the baby is sleeping!

  • Recovery is not easy. I some how thought that I would have a baby and walk out of the hospital like it was not a big deal. I thought I'd be cleaning the house and feeling great when I got home. I knew I would be tired but I did not know that I would feel like I got hit by a bus. It's like recovering from a surgery or having the flu. On day 3 and 4 my body went into shock. I thought I had the flu! When I called the doctor they told me it was totally normal and that my body had to recuperate from everything it went through. I never thought about it like that. Next time, if there is one, joking, kind of, I will plan to give myself two weeks of recovery time. Just in case.

On top of the 28 hours of labor and difficult recovery (see birth story for more detail) I would do it all over again for Miss Hadley.


  1. I totally agree with number 1! Sure I have a general birth plan in mind, but really I just want to walk in pregnant and walk out with a baby in my arms. Whatever happens in between is negotiable!

  2. The last one was the biggest for me. Everyone kept talking about the actual labor and no one really prepared me for the recovery. No fun! Worth it, but still no fun!