Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hadley: 5 months

Happy 5 months Hadder Bear!


You have not been to the doctor for a well checkup since December 27th. At that time you were 18 pounds and 27 inches long. I really don't think you've grown too much. I look at your pictures weekly and haven't seen a big difference. Hopefully you're evening out a little.

You are still in size 2 diapers and doing great!


You are in 6 month clothes and they're fitting great. You have so many clothes it's crazy! I was worried you wouldn't have a lot to wear during your 6 month phase but Christmas proved me wrong! I bought you the cutest little outfit (as a Christmas gift) to wear in February for Valentines Day. I bought a 9 month thinking you might be in it by then but I'm going to have to exchange it for 6 months! I'm glad you're still in 6 month clothing--I need some time to enjoy all of your cute clothes and I like you little. :)


You are doing awesome! Nursing like a pro, although very easily distracted now, which can be difficult at times. Taking a bottle like a pro. We even started a little food and you're doing great! We really want to make you baby food but have been so overwhelmed lately. Plus you're really not eating enough for us to make it (even though we could freeze it). Right now you are eating Nature's Made Organic, which we love! This will hopefully hold us over until I'm on spring break, where we will stock up!

Your first taste of food was peas on January 10th, 2013. You didn't really like them but we wanted to give you some time. By the end of the week (you had a few bites a day) you still didn't like them. So we ditched the peas and went on to carrots.

You love carrots! You just gobble them down and move your head towards the spoon. It's too cute. You ate an entire small jar in a week! 

Last week you tried squash for the first time. You are fond of it but it's no carrots.
Next up is avocado!
Later we will do sweet potatoes and fruit last.
We are not pushing the food thing. We want you to taste things and get used to eating with a spoon. Then when you turn six months, we will start regularly incorporating it into your schedule.


Sleep is sleep. You sometimes sleep through the night, you sometimes wake up once. Rarely you wake up twice. You've been sick the last two weeks so sleep hasn't been as great but then last night you slept from 7:30pm-6:00am! It was awesome!!
You are super clingy to me and want me to rock you at every nap and every night. I love it so much but know that not everyone will be able to rock you at every nap. I don't want you to get into the habit of being rocked. However if I just lay you down, you scream!
Sick babies get lots of snuggles!

Other Events

You had your first cold/bronchitis over the past two weeks. It slowly came on and is slowly gone away. It's been a long two weeks. I feel so bad for you because you get in these coughing fits and just can't stop. We saw Dr. B and he said it will just take time and that we're doing everything we should be doing (prop head a little, vaporizer, etc). Now we wait.

You have quite the personality. You are hysterical at times. You like getting your own way and get really upset when you want something and can't have it. I think you have a difficult time not being able to communicate.

Speaking of "talk" all the time! I think being around Olive and Eli gets your little mind thinking a lot. You babble all the time and sometimes really sound like you're in deep conversation. I love listening to you and can't wait to hear exactly what you have to say.

You're still obsessed with Sesame Street. Anytime we turn on That's Cooperation or the Sesame Street Alphabet song you stop what you're doing and listen to where it is coming from. Then you get a huge smile on your face! 

You just heard Sesame come on
We love that you're actually playing with toys. You play with the toy on your car seat, with toys on your bouncy seat, and with your favorite green ball. You throw that thing across the room!!

You definitely know who me and daddy are and when we are not around. You are attached to me and if I'm in the house and you're not with me, you get upset. I read that separation anxiety starts around 5 months and it's totally kicked in with you! I love that you know me and want to be with me. But sometimes when I need a little break, even to go to the bathroom, it's rough!

You went through a few week phase where you were sucking your thumb a lot. Then you started taking a binky more and would do both. Now you dropped the thumb sucking and are sticking to the binky only. I prefer the bink because I can get rid of that--not your thumb. 

You're quite the model. Any time I put you on your chair to take your picture, you put your arm on the arm of the chair and just relax and smile.

You've been obsessed with your feet lately. You hold your pants to look at your feet. You grab your feet and stare at them. Anything that involves your feet, you love!

You're almost sitting up on your own. Sometimes I think your tummy helps you, other times I think it gets in the way.

We love you so much and are our pretty princess!


  1. Hadley is just SOOOO darn cute!!! Where did you get the weeks/months blocks?? I apologize if you have already discussed this somewhere on the blog!!!

  2. She is so cute!!! We love Sesame St and Yo Gabba Gabba over here- I don't let him watch a lot but it's amazing how mesmerized he gets when I turn it on. Sounds like food is going well!