Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday


I'm a slacker. I really hate that I haven't been blogging much but it's been so hard to find the time. I'm not going to make any goals for myself as to how often I want to blog. I just want to make sure I keep up with posting about our life--since that is why I blog.


Hadley turned five months on the 26th! Where has the time gone?! I blogged about it last night. She has quite the personality!


Last week I updated you with some things going on in our crazy lives. I had a little visit to the surgeon and found out that I will indeed need surgery. Oh joy. Thankfully I can wait until summer, unless the problem gets worse. I pray every day it doesn't because I really cannot take anymore time off from school.


Like everyone else in the country, we've had some crazy weather. This week we were off two days from school due to the windchill being -20 and below. BRRR!!! I am ready for spring!


A few months ago I won a copy of the new Pioneer Woman Cookbook. I was beyond ecstatic because she is my cooking idol. I recently received it in the mail and it was autographed. I might have jumped up and down...


  1. Can't believe Hadley is 5 months old already- what a little cutie!! Don't stress about finding time to blog, its tough with a baby and a full time job

  2. I got the new Pioneer Woman cookbook from the library b/c you kept raving about her recipes and I'm soooo excited to try out some of them!

  3. {Hello from the link up!} Your little girl is adorable!! Happy 5th month to her! :) How FUN that you won a signed copy of Pioneer Woman's cookbook - I would have jumped up and down too!! ;) Wishing you lots of yummy eats from it!!

  4. SUCH A CUTE baby girl! She is absolutely adorable! and love the Pioneer Woman too! Have fun cooking! :)