Monday, January 13, 2014

Hadley's Favorites: 0-3 Months

Before Hadley was born I thought I knew a good amount about babies. Well, I was right..and wrong. I knew the basics. I wasn't worried about diapers, baths, clothing, spit up, and crying. I thought I knew how to put a baby on a schedule but that was short lived. And the words "cluster feeding" were not in my vocabulary.

Over the past four months to say we have learned a lot is an understatement. Most of all we have taken the advice of others to find what works for us. I love asking people what they do to solve a problem or what products they like to use in their homes. Josh and I research a lot when buying anything. Trust me. So the more opinions I hear, the more confident I feel when purchasing the product we finally decide on.

Baby products were just as important to us as buying a dishwasher. Sounds silly, right? We read customer reviews on Target, BuyBuyBaby, and Amazon. We even looked at consumer reports. So we felt confident in the products that we purchased or were given as gifts. Then the baby came along and we could finally see our products in action.

We all loved this swing! From the easy assembly to the softness of the fabrics. It was so wonderful to have for Hadley. We put her in it from day one and there were so many times where this thing was a life saver for us! I remember being so happy I could set up the camera and run and shower. Unfortunately she has decided that she is done with the swing. At four months she will scream every time we put her in it. She wants out and is ready to see the word.

Believe it or not, girlfriend will still hang out in this thing sometimes! I think she enjoys the vibration. We she was a a few weeks old she wanted nothing to do with it. Around two months she really started to like it. Then she figured out how to make the birds moved and I think it was her favorite thing. She would nap it in or just hang out in it. She still enjoys it at times but definitely not as much as she use to. Wembley, the cat, sure thinks it's great for napping!

The Rock 'n Play Sleeper is by far my favorite item! She slept in it for the first month in our bedroom. After that we used it occasionally at home but if we went anywhere we took it with us. We still take it when visiting Josh's family and if I need to get ready in the morning. She will soon be too big for it and I will be sad. It is worth every penny!

Motorola Wireless Video Baby Monitors

I'm really not sure how people survived without video monitors. I feel so spoiled and so thankful to have these. Yes, I watch them way too often, even in the middle of the night. But there is something about them that makes me feel more at ease--the fact that I can see her! To us, they're totally worth the extra money. They have been a great investment that we can use for a long time.

Dr. Brown's BPA Free Bottles

We love these bottles and have had such a great experience with them. Hadley took them almost right away for Josh. Now I can even feed her! She goes back and forth between these and nursing very well. As you can see these bottles are tall and thin. Dr. Brown does make a different shaped bottle which we don't really like. They have a shorter, fatter bottle that has a different nip.ple. We are not crazy about these because they tend to leak and I don't she she likes the shape and size of the nip.ple. However the ones pictured above are awesome and we would recommend them anyone!

Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Car Seat

When Josh and I went to register, there was a young man (early 20s, if that) who was helping us with the car seats. This guy was awesome! He knew so much about the car seats. He didn't have any children, but he knew his stuff. When we walked over to this car seat, he took out the seat and tossed it into the base showing us how it just clicked right in. Josh was amazed. He didn't need any other information. He scanned the seat right there. Of course, the guy working explained to us about all of the features and safety of the seat. We definitely picked a great brand and are very happy with our choice. We also love that it clicks right in to our Bob Stroller (which I will review at 3-6 months).

All reviews above are my own opinions. 

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  1. I could have written this list!! These were all favorites in our house too. I was so sad when we put the swing and bouncer away :( Dr. Browns are the only bottles my little guy will use, I've tried others but he won't have it.