Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Letters

Say what? Two posts in one week? What is going on?? I may or may not be putting off grading some papers.

Dear Oliver,

Must you chase Wembley around the house every night? What is the deal? As soon as I get home it starts. You're running all around the house chasing each other and acting like you have no manners. I know we taught you better than that! You also seriously have to stop getting stuck the cat house. What happens if you get stuck and I'm not home? Figure that one out!

Dear 5th grade,

I still feel like I'm living Groundhog Day. Some days are worse than others. My students are also getting to know me too well. Yesterday one of them figured out the enrollment key to my new website. Yes, it was 'oliver' but seriously? I also have another student who routinely calls me "mom". Yes, he did this a few times last year, but now we're on a daily basis. It definitely makes me laugh because he turns bright red! I do love looping with them and knowing them so well.

Dear J,

I am so excited that you will be graduating in May from grad school! I'm so proud of all the work that you have been doing in school, at home, and at work. I don't know how you are ready to start your doctorate degree but I know you will be amazing!

Dear JCPenny,

I never was a huge fan of yours but recently you have been my bff. I love your new prices and everything I try on seems to fit perfectly. I even managed to find jeans that fit my legs, behind, and were not huge in the waste. That is what I call a miracle! Keep up the great work!

Happy Friday! I'm super thankful that it's finally the weekend!!

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