Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Help stop it

***WARNING: ANIMAL PICTURES AHEAD THAT MAY BE DIFFICULT TO LOOK AT. I promise if I am posting they're not terrible, but here is your warning.***

Do you know what I'll never ever understand??

Animal Cruelty.
I know this is not a topic everyone wants to discuss or read about but it's the truth and it's real.

I read a story on facebook about someone taking their pit bull mix puppy, starving it, then throwing it down a 19 story trash shoot in a trash bag. The picture was gruesome and disgusting. I just sobbed {also why would anyone post that without a warning??}. The dog could not move and was stiff. I really thought it was dead when I first looked at the picture. But I continued to read the story and clicked "next" to see pictures of how the puppy progressed. Slowly and surely the puppy began to grow and put on wait. Thank the Lord!
Now the puppy is older and a chunk. Without the help of a maintenance man this dog would have never survived. A few days after he was taken to the hospital, he was named Patrick and was given meds and fluids. Days progressed and Patrick was able to sit up again. He was surrounded by gifts, pictures, and letters. Four months after he came to the hospital he made his first bowl movement. Why would I tell you this? Well because that was the first major sign of recovery. After that it was smooth sailing. He began putting on weight and found a home with a sister. He was a completely different dog.
God was watching over sweet Patrick that day. There was a reason for him to live. He fought until he was strong again. Patrick is a lucky one.

There are so many animals in the world who are abuse and neglected every day. I just don't understand why. It breaks my heart just to think about how many don't have families out there let alone are being beaten, starved, and (yes) even burned alive. I know this is a lot and I know it's sad but it has to stop. How can people get away with this?? {I'll save my other comments about these people for myself because they are not nice}

Sometimes I feel like I can't do anything about it. There's only one of me and a lot of people out there. But when I look at the story about Patrick on facebook and see how many people responded and sent gifts to Patrick, I know there are millions out there who care.

I also know that I can teach my students the right way to care for animals and how bad animal cruelty is. Animals have feelings like humans. You may think I'm crazy but they really do. Oliver and Wembley light up when we come home and if they (okay, really just Oliver) get in trouble, as in we look at him the wrong way, he is heartbroken.

What can you do to prevent animal cruelty? Stop buying from Pet Stores (such as Pet*Land), do not buy a dog from a puppy mill or a pet story, educate others, and so much more. Have you done something to help stop animal cruelty?

I don't recommend clicking on the link


  1. This post made me adore you that much more. Thank you for raising awareness

  2. Aww you made me cry! I love that phrase, don't breed or buy while shelter animals die.
    I volunteer with a cat shelter and while we, thankfully don't usually see kitties in this bad shape, it still breaks my heart the reasons that they come in :(
    Thanks for posting this :)

  3. I hate this so much! I can't believe people do this. Thank you for bringing it to everyone's attention. Ignoring it because it's hard to see isn't going to make animal cruelty stop. So thank you for shedding some light on the subject. I love my shelter pets :)