Thursday, September 27, 2012

In 28 days... (you're going to want to read this)

In 28 day I will be 28 years old.

While this may not be a big mile stone, I feel like so much has changed in the past year. We made so many changes in our home. I graduated with my masters in administration. I moved up to teach 5th grade. I finally feel {somewhat} organized at home. I feel like life is coming together. *knock on wood*

I'm pretty sure 28 is going to be a good year for me, which is why I want to start it off with a bang and I need your help!

Every year when my birthday roles around and my parents ask me what I want and I can never think of anything. I feel truly blessed to have everything that we do have. I really have to think about what I really want because I don't really need anything. It actually makes me feel bad. There are so many bad and dramatic things going on in the world, that I want to do something good. I want to make someone else happy or surprised because it just makes you feel amazing!

So starting today I want to give back for my birthday. I want to take the next 28 days to do twenty-eight random acts of kindness and I want you to join in too! You don't have to do one every day, but I would love for you to participate in one day out of the twenty-eight. I'm not going to post specific things you have to do on certain days. It's all up to you. I will share my list of ideas I have tomorrow. I'm not even sure what order I will go in, but I think I'll just know that day.

The only thing I ask is that you share what you did with me. I would love to hear all of the wonderful acts of kindness going on. You can comment daily or I will have a link up on my birthday, October 24th. I think that would be the best birthday gift of all!

So get out there and do something today to help someone else!

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  1. i LOVE this idea! it's actually on my '101 in 1001 days' bucket list to do on my next birthday! some random night we should just go do a bunch of things together.