Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So What?

Linking up today with one of my Columbus favs, Shannon, at Life After I Dew!

So what if...

J wants to give up cable and I just don't know if I could. That's bad. But love me some Bravo, Style, HGTV, and basically everything else. #NoWillPower

I am always looking at houses online that are for sale. Doesn't everyone?

I haven't touched my school (job) work. I only have a whole school-year of lesson plans to do for social studies and reading. No biggie.

My patience last 2.45 seconds {working on this}

If I ask J the same thing 3 times in a day...I forget or don't listen the first time!

I still haven't blogged about vacay because I really didn't take too many pictures. Oops.

I have closets to clean out but really don't want to

I'm obsessed with my new coffee cup. It is very pretty.

What are you saying So What to this Wednesday??


  1. I haven't touched school work either. I'm just enjoying my summe off. I usually wait until August to get too worried.

  2. I am saying "So What" to many of the same things. My husband keeps wanting to cancel cable and I seriously don't know what I would do without CBS. All of the other channels that I am addicted to are on Hulu, but not CBS! I would be devastated without CSI, the Mentalist, Mike & Molly, and NCIS. I don't even care how pathetic that sounds. Also, if I didn't take enough pictures, I rarely write about. I like pictures better than words (most of the time) anyways.

  3. I just called to cancel our cable today and sadly she just talked me into a smaller package. That's ok though b/c it still saves us $60/month AND I get to keep the DVR {which is all I really care about anyway}. Too bad we won't get Bravo! anymore and that will be tough!!!

  4. I love looking at houses that are for sale!

  5. I have so much cleaning to do but I've been putting it off hard core.