Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Sister,

Are you really going to college? I'm pretty sure that you're still in middle school...or maybe in 5th grade. I blinked and you just grew up. What am I going to do without here? I know we argue a lot but seriously, who is going to make ridiculous jokes with me or completely confuse mom and dad with millions of questions? I guess since I left you for college it's your time to leave me...what goes around comes around. But you're at a fun age now, so it's just not fair.

Let's hope mom doesn't make us take an embarrising picture at your college.

ps. I'm so excited for you and happy for you. "How are you going to phone your mother?"

Dear my precious Oliver,

We have a lot to learn over the next TBA years. Mommy and Daddy are not getting any younger which means sooner or later there will be a baby in the family {not today or this month soon}. When I say baby, I'm talking real life, crying, pooping, eating baby...oh wait, you do all that too. This pouting of yours that you do when I hold, talk to, or even look at Wembley can not be happening when there is a real life human baby. You will always be my first born sweet baby boy, but at the end of the day you are really a dog. We both need to work on this. I think you need to take some pointers from Sheepie.

Dear Wembley,

Even since we returned home from vacation you have loved me. You stopped biting me (for the most part) and you sit in my lap several times a day. Am I dying? Do I have cancer? I know animals have a sixth sense about these things, but you're really starting to scare me. Maybe we can go half way and you can sit on my lap and bite me at the same time? Or maybe I should just a full body scan so I don't freak myself out. #hypochondria

Dear Bridier Baubles,

Thank you for making beautiful jewelry. I'm so excited to wear my new bling in Chicago!!

The Coco Necklace (Ocean)

Dear weekend,

I'm so excited that you're here. Emily and I have been waiting for you and are ready to hit the road to Chicago in a few short days! Please let us have a fun and safe trip. Also, if you could not flood Chicago this time {unlike the last time I was there, my first trip} I would greatly appreciate it!


  1. That necklace is so pretty! Have fun in Chicago! Happy Friday!

  2. Happy Friday! My puppies need to learn the same thing, they honestly think it's all about them {oh will they be in for a shock LOL} Love the necklace, too!!! :)

    <3 Melissa

  3. LOL "but at the end of the day.. you really are a dog." Please, dog is not in Sheepie's vocabulary either! And I felt the SAME way when my brother went to college! He'll be 21 in September.. I'll be 29.. I can't believe he's grown up. In my head he's still 7 and a little terror! Haha!! Happy Friday, girl!

  4. Love that new necklace! :)
    BB is all over the place lately.