Monday, October 22, 2012


Yesterday I drove the 5 hour round trip to take my sister back to college near Cleveland. It is a long trip when you're driving by yourself and especially when you made the same trip on Thursday to pick her up.
This was the third time I had been to her college campus (including picking her up Thursday), but the first  time I spent some time there. Thursday she walked me around a bit to her Student Union and yesterday I hung out in her dorm room for a bit while she unpacked and sent me home with more crap stuff.
Other college campuses always amazing me. I went to a very small, private college. There were 1,200 students enrolled my freshman year and less than 1,000 on campus. It's definitely grown since then but overall if feels very small. My sister's college is also quite small but bigger than where I went, therefore I'm amazed by the huge Union that has a sandwich shop, coffee shop, cafeteria, and store. It's definitely fun to see other college campuses.
Dropping her off today was the weirdest feeling. I remember going to college and thinking that when my sister goes to college I will be old. Like married with kids old. Oh wait, I have one of those down. But when you're 18, that's how you think. Now that I'm {2 days away from} 28, I think, geeze, what was I thinking? Even though I still feel 18! 
As much as I like being older because there are so many more opportunities, visiting her beautiful campus really made me miss parts of college.
 10. It's okay to over sleep

Oversleep my class? Okay, not the best thing but if there wasn't a test you could survive

Oversleep work? In big trouble.

Thankfully I only overslept 1-2 classes in my 4 years. I also have never overslept on a work day *knockonwood*

{indoor corn hole}

9. Power naps

My roommate and I used to take a power nap almost every day. It usually lasted 15-20 minutes but they sure did help!

8. Meetings

I dread most meetings today. They're boring and could be done in much less time. Some are helpful and my principal is great about using time wisely.

College meetings for my sorority or Student Senate were fun. We would get things done but there was always something that made it entertaining. 

7. Cleaning a small space

Cleaning a dorm room, piece of cake!

6. Date Parties

My sorority always had the best themed date parties!

5. Wearing sweatpants

Don't tell me you never wore sweatpants to class. I tried to only wear them on Fridays but some days were just a must.

4. Not cooking

Even though I've become a much better cook, it was always nice just to go to the cafeteria and dinner was done...even though sometimes RomanNoodles were better.

3. Always having people around

J and I are very busy. I finished grad school in the spring, but he won't be done until this spring and then he starts his PhD in the fall. We see each other probably two-three nights a week. I never complain because he works hard and I know it's going to help us in the long run, but sometimes it's too quiet!

{chubby bunny-before I gagged-I hate marshmallows!}

2. Small town/community

Some of you may think I'm crazy, but I miss the small town my college was in and how close of a community we had. I enjoy living in the suburbs of Columbus and missed it at times while I was there, but since I've gotten older I enjoy the small towns much better.

1. Being in your own little world

J will tell you I'm still in my own little world, which I probably am. However in college you don't have many worries except for when your next paper is due and what you're going to wear to your formal.

In all reality, college was a great part of my life and there are so many things I do really miss. I definitely don't miss sharing a bathroom, my long drives home alone, or the drama that would randomly pop up being at a small school. But now I'm in a whole different chapter in my life. I'm married {which is still a surreal feeling sometimes}, we own a home, we have two fur babies, and have "real life" adult jobs. We have both come a long way. While it's definitely interesting to visit my sister, I don't think I'd want to go back to that. I actually don't think the older me could handle that anymore! But it's fun see it through the eyes of another.


  1. I love this post!! I feel the exact same way! I miss college but I am not sure I could go back. Glad you had a good trip up here!

  2. Oh college! I miss the days of wearing sweatpants every day...I was on the swim team and was always running from the pool straight to class, so I wore sweats every single day. And I panic every night that I will sleep through my alarm and miss work and get fired. I spent so much of college life stressed about everything, and I really didn't know how easy I had it!

  3. I actually never wore sweatpants to class--but don't hate me. I just don't like sweatpants, jeans are my comfort clothes! I'm just six months out of college and I'm already starting to miss it!