Monday, October 8, 2012


Yesterday I was kind of down in the dumps. I hurt my neck/upper back last week (not sure how) and have been in a lot of pain. I was up quite a bit Saturday night with pain as well as feeling like I was going to get sick and had a horrible headache. I finally caved in and made sub plans so I could take the day off on Monday to go to the doctor. Side note: I hate going to the doctors. I feel like unless I'm super sick with a temp and everything I'm wasting their time. I don't want to be some crazy who is there all the time. I don't even see my doctor once a year but I still feel this way. Please keep me in your prayers. I have no idea what is wrong and it just doesn't seem to all make since. I'm praying I just pulled a ton of muscles and I don't need a lot of pain meds (don't like those either). I just can't help but think of other scary things it could be.

So I get to school Sunday to make sure everything is set for my sub and my dad calls me with sad news that my great uncle died. I was just heartbroken. He was the last family member I had that was on my dad's side (my grandpa's brother) and I was extremely close to my grandpa. I hope to go to his funeral but it's in Kentucky later this week so I'll have to see how my back feels.

Then after laying down for a while yesterday, I decided to check some blogs online. Shortly later I found out Matt Turner passed away. Matt is the husband of Julee and father of Preslee. I have never met this family but have been reading Julee's blog for a few years now. I read the article and just started to cry. Such a wonderful man lost his life at such a young age and left his wonderful wife and darling daughter behind. I can't imagine what Julee and her family are going through and I ask you to keep them in your prayers as well.

Give your family extra hugs and kisses tonight because you never know the amount of time you have with them and I think sometimes we all forget how precious life is.


  1. so sorry to hear about your great uncle. hope your doctor's appointment goes well today.

  2. Hope you feel better. I won't go to the doctor either unless I'm super sick. My parents didn't take us for every ailment when we were kids and I'm the same way as an adult.

  3. Hope you feel better.

    Thoughts to all!

  4. Praying for your healing and recovery. I know it's definitely no fun to miss time with your students. Sorry to hear about your great uncle too.