Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My 28 Acts of Kindess

If you read my blog post 28 days ago, you may remember that I pledged to accomplish twenty-eight acts of kindness in 28 days. 

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Well, today is my 28th birthday and my 28 days are up. 

Did I complete my goal? You bet!

Some days were more difficult than others and there were two days where I couldn't get out of bed because I hurt my neck/back, so I had to double up on other days. But I'm done and it feels great!
  • Sent my sister a surprise package after she got her DZ bid
  • Paid for someone's {coffee} order in the line behind me
  • Left an extra tip for the waitress
  • Wrote/Sent a Thinking of You card to a friend
  • Invite friends {coworkers} over for dinner
  • Brought my neighbor's trashcans up to the garage
  • Made a special treat for friends
  • Let the person in line behind me at the store go in front of you
  • Helped out a family member or friend (x2- but not consecutive)
  • Said something nice to everyone I saw that day (aside from my students)
  • Donated clothing
  • Put quarters into the grocery carts at Aldi
  • Wrote anonymous, nice notes for others to find 
  • Pre-pay a vending machine and pop machine (x3)
  • Gave clothes pins to another teacher in need
  • Emergency hair updo for a friend after she paniced about her new hair color
  • Asked others what I can do to help them
  • Left the nice parking spots for other people at the mall
  • Took a friend out for coffee
  • Brought coffee to a cowoker
  • Donated money to charity
  • Gave a coupon to someone in line behind me
  • Stayed on recess duty longer so a coworker could finish lunch and use the restroom
  • Brought lunch to a cowoker (x2)
  • Picked my sister up for college {I'm counting this one because we got in a big fight and I was really mad at her...haha}
  • Gave a first year teacher a secrete note and Tim Horton's gift cards
Things I would still love to do:
  • Renew an old friendship by sending them a letter--not sure who to send it to
  • If you see an older person or soldier eating alone, pay for their meal
  • Send a dessert to another table
I know, I know...some of them are doubled, but at my job it was difficult to be "sneaky".  I made J take some dollars to campus with them and put them on the vending machines so my school wasn't the only place to get the special "treats".

I also wanted to note that after I blogged about this 28 days ago, I started seeing a lot of Random Acts of Kindness pins on Pinterest. I guess I'm not the only one out there with this idea! You will definitely have to check out the others!

Just in case anyone actually did a random act of kindness, I added a link up below! Thank you for making my birthday a great day!