Friday, May 24, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 26

How big is baby? The size of a head of lettuce. Wowza! No real pics this week. Probably for the best. I felt like a hot mess because it was a crazy busy week!    

Maternity ClothesAll pants. Regular shirts and a few maternity shirts here and there. I've noticed that my regular tshirts are becoming too short with my jeans. Sad day. My summer wardrobe usually includes all of these tshirts. I will have to get some plain ones from the maternity section.

Stretch Marks: Still the tiny one from last time but that's it! 

Sleep: A little better when I'm on the couch. Although I usually wake up to Wembley laying on top of me or Oliver crying because Wembley is touching me.

Best moment of the week? Celebrating the school year with field day and the 5th grade picnic.

Movement: Feeling it every day! Sometimes she will get in my ribs (or it feels that way) and hurts. My ribs definitely feel like they're expanding!

Food cravings: Iced tea and watermelon. I can't wait to go to the farmer's market and get some fresh melon this weekend!!

Food aversions: No aversions, but nothing still sounds good.

Belly button in or out? In but I've noticed it getting smaller. This scares me!

What I miss: Not having hip pain and sleeping well. But can't really complain!

What I'm looking forward to: Summer break! FOUR more days of school

Milestones:  Nothing big this week :( For me it's been harder to get dressed because I feel frustrated with things not fitting or clothes looking funny. My regular pants fit but I can't zip or button them. My shirts are much tighter. In the past when this has happened, it has involved tears because it's been from weight gain. Thankfully it's mostly baby weight gain. I can't say that I'm disappointed in how my weight gain has progressed. Could I do better? Always. Am I under my final goal still? Yes. Just gotta keep swimming and know that it's okay.


  1. I thought 25-30 weeks was a weird stage because I could still fit into some non-maternity but then I would need maternity for some other things. I finally bit the bullet and went on a maternity shopping spree right around 28 weeks and got stuff that actually fit the bump well. It def helped with my self esteem since watching the scale climb up is not fun!

  2. I have been eating so much watermelon!
    I hope you have a great summer break!