Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bumpdate: 25 weeks

One day I will get back to more consistent blogging rather than just Menu Monday and bumpdates. We have been so busy I can't keep up with everything! Two more weeks of school after tomorrow! That will definitely help.

25 weeks 

How big is baby? She's growing!!                                               
Maternity ClothesAll pants. Regular shirts and a few maternity shirts here and there. I only have like four.

Stretch Marks: Still the tiny one from last time but that's it! 

Sleep: HORRIBLE! I read that this is when it can start. The main thing is my hips. They hurt so bad at night when I'm on either side. But when I wake up and stand up, no pain! Crazy! I actually moved to the couch 2 nights ago and then slept on it the whole time last night. It's soooo much better. Maybe it's just my sucky mattress? We don't have terrible ones and I've always liked them but maybe they're too hard...? Either way the couch and I will be bffs this summer. :)

Best moment of the week? Baby shower at school! I am so lucky to work with such amazing people. They showered us with love for sure.

Note to self: Stand up straight
Note to readers: I got 3.5 hrs of sleep the night before...woof

Movement: Feeling it every day. Wembley (cat) loves to lay on my stomach at night. No worries, he's pretty tiny and light weight.  It's usually more of leaning than anything. I think he likes to feel her kick. :)

Food cravings: Sweet tooth has taken over. This is so weird to me because I normally want nothing to do with sweets and only want things that are salty. I really hope this goes away!

Food aversions: No aversions, but nothing ever really sounds good.

Belly button in or out? In!

What I miss: Not having hip pain and sleeping well. But can't really complain!

What I'm looking forward to: Summer break! We have 9 days after Friday. I'm so happy! I'm going to miss my kiddos but it will be nice to relax over summer break.

Milestones:  Nothing big this week :( Glucose test in a few weeks...ahhhh!!!


  1. Yay for summer break! Mine is not for another 5 weeks, though! :(

  2. I'm only 18 weeks, but I got a Snoogle pillow for sleeping and it's amazing. It's expensive (I can't believe I paid that much for a pillow, but worth it. It may help with your hips. This is the one I got from amazon:

  3. I had bad hip pain too and got the Today's mom cozy comfort pillow. It helped because you could prop yourself up on it and it took the pressure of my hips.

    You look great! Yay for summer!