Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kids say the darnest (baby) things!

Since I told my students I was expecting I've heard some of the weirdest and funniest comments. I thought I'd take a blog post to write them all down so I never forget them. Remember, these kids are 10 and 11 years old. I love them dearly but sometimes they just need to think...or many they really do have their heads in the clouds. :o)

  • One boy asked me if I had to be in the hospital for 9 months. He has four siblings. I told him I was pretty sure not many people would have kids if we had to be in the hospital that long.

  • The same boy asked me if I had the baby yet (I was about 20 weeks). Did I miss school?

  • A girl asked if I was going to be grumpy like her 4th grade teacher was last year when she was pregnant. I told her I only to her {the girl}. Sarcasm.

  • One of the boys in my class asked if I was going to leave them. I told him no, I wouldn't have the baby until August. He told me that one of his 4th grade teachers left them last year. I told her it was because she had a baby in January. He swore up and down she did not have a baby and she just didn't like them. For real?

  • I've had several comments, "your stomach/belly is growing". My comment back is usually, "yes, the baby is growing".

  • A boy pointed to my stomach and asked, "is that the baby?" I said, "No, it's my puppy." Everyone in the class was silent. Finally one of the smarter girls said, "Yes! That's her baby! Duh!"

  • Another boy asked if I was having a baby because he was getting worried my stomach was growing. Seriously? Your class talks about it weekly. We're on week 25 and you're just now asking?
What are some of the funniest/weirdest comments you have ever hear from kids or even adults while pregnant?


  1. haha love the puppy one! Olivia asked me last week if it hurts when I pee since the baby is right there. I guess it's a logical question but it made me laugh.

  2. These are too funny!! Kids are hysterical!