Thursday, November 21, 2013

Five on Friday


On Monday, Hadley turned 12 weeks old. 12 weeks! Time has just flown by. I'm so sad to know that next week is my last week off with her. The past 13 weeks have been absolutely amazing and I've enjoyed every minute--even when we were both crying. I don't want to leave her and would do anything to stay home with her. I'd love to work at home but that's not really an option with my degree. But she will be going to a good friend who is amazing and has wonderful kids, so I know she will be happy and safe. That is the most important.


Jenny and her daughter Lucy came over to "play" on Monday. It was so nice to talk to another new mom about how both girls are doing. It's also crazy to see how different they are a month apart. I sometimes feel like I don't see a lot of change in H because I see her everyday. But when I saw Lucy it made me remember when H couldn't quite do the things she's doing now. It's crazy and wonderful at the same time. I love watching her grow!


Sorry, another one about Miss Hadley. Last week we took her to see Santa. I definitely have respect for the bird but I hate lines. We went on a Friday morning and nobody was there. We walked right up got our picture and left! It was great! I was really hoping for a smile picture or a total meltdown picture (because those crack me up) but she was just chillin. She kept looking at all of us (me, Josh, and the three elves) like we were crazy trying to get her to laugh.


I made this delicious crockpot chicken tortilla soup. It was so good. I'm really happy that we have extra to freeze. It will definitely come in handle on those cold winter evenings!


Christmas pictures are tomorrow! I'm so excited!! I spent way to long thinking about what we would all wear, but I'm liking it and hoping it works out. I ordered H a few bows from one of my favorite "bowtiques", Diva Baby Bowtique. I love their hair puffs!

Happy Friday!


  1. your little Hadley is adorable!! our little girls are about 8 weeks apart! they grow so quick!

    Happy Friday!!!

  2. I really can't believe she's already 12 weeks. That flew by!! Love the headband you picked out for pictures!

  3. She is too cute! I love that she was giving you the not impressed face for Santa time!