Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday


I stopped at Old Navy on Monday to see what I could find for our upcoming family pictures. They had great sales going on. I purchased two long sleeved t-shirts, $6 each and two long sleeved knitted shirts for $8. I plan to wear one of the knitted shirts with a vest for our Christmas pictures. I seriously could have bought a ton more but had to hold myself back. They have really cute things right now and since I'm not pregnant anymore, I feel like a normal person again!


Hadley and I went to visit Josh at work on Tuesday and to have lunch with his wonderful adviser. On the way back to his office, we took H's picture in front of the library. Not the best since we was sleeping but J was pretty happy she had her first picture taken on campus!


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were lazy days. It was so nice to catch up on house cleaning and work on our nap schedule. Now if I could nap we would be all set!


I'm hoping to bring back Menu Monday. Although Sundays are usually pretty busy so it might change to Tasty Tuesday. Either way, I have some great recipes to share with you!


Naps never last longer than an hour with Miss H. I have no idea how to get her to sleep longer, unless we are in the car or out and about. She sleeps the same way at nap time as she does at night. She still will wake up after one hour. Any way to get her to sleep longer?


  1. I need to learn to nap more! Glad things are going so well!

  2. I had a little girl on August 26th too! She doesn't sleep very long during the day either - maybe 3 30min naps a day? But I'm not stressing about it because she sleeps great at night. What I am stressing about is going back to work on the 20th :'(