Monday, April 29, 2013

Furbaby love

Skipping out on Menu Monday this week. I actually cooked a lot but they were all recipes I had made before so I wouldn't be sharing anything new. I thought I'd instead give a little update about some important loves in my life.

Someone is not allowed on the counter. But in a box on the counter isn't really breaking the rules.

Can't even look at me!

Sweet Izzy (parent's dog) was very sick and the vet couldn't figure out why. FINALLY they tested for Addison's disease and she was positive. This is very rare and not usually tested for. If your dog is every sick (lethargic, not eating, etc), ask your vet to test. 

I picked her up from the vet one day and she got on my couch and fell asleep. I feel too bad to get her off because she was so sad and had to feel terrible. I didn't even get to put a blanket up! Oliver was with her the entire time. He was worried.

Such a ham!

Two of my piano students made this for Hadley. I stuck it in the laundry basket to take upstairs. First Wembley was in it. The next thing I knew Oliver was in it!! LOL! He never gets in baskets!

Such a sweet boy!

New favorite spot when not sunbathing. Very random...

I just what to cuddle with him! He's so soft and fluffy!

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