Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So what?! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon today for So What? Wednesday!

So What Wednesday
20 week bumpdate will be posted tomorrow, even though I'm 20 weeks today.

This week I'm saying so what if...

  • I have a countdown on my computer at school as to how many days we have left and a check list of what needs to be completed before summer break. I can't wait!
  • I'm "collecting" diapers now. I know H may not like the kind that we have but it's a start. I can't complain if my mom is sending them to me every month!
  • I eat cereal with vanilla yogurt. I refuse to drink milk.
  • I talk to Oliver my dog like a human. I know he understands!
  • I'm obsessed with the Oh! Burger food truck. It's delicious and it rarely comes over to our side of town. I might be eating there today...for the second time in three weeks. It's mainly because it may not be back in our area the rest of the summer! Let's face it, I'm not going to drive around the city to find it. Although it is that good.
  • I'm excited for state testing because I know it means we're almost done with the school year. I love my kiddos and will miss them so much but this has been the year that will never end. Probably because I looped up with them (which definitely has more positives than negatives).


  1. I'm counting down the days until summer, too! This school year has dragged on! We have state testing in May and once that's done, it's all down hill. :)

  2. I am counting down the days. I will also be glad when testing is over, even though it doesn't impact second grade, out schedules are thrown out of wack trying accommodate everyone else.