Monday, April 15, 2013

Menu Monday

So pregnancy brain must have taken over because I can't remember what we had for dinner last week except for a few nights. I keep a list on my computer for dinners of the week but deleted the one from last week already. So you're only going to get the ones that I can remember!

BLT with kettle chips and cantaloupe

I forgot to take a picture until the end of my meal!

Turkey Brats, curly fries, and baked beans
By far my favorite meal! Go figure--the worst for you.
 I love turkey brats with just about anything on them but sour kraut is the best!
I'm not a big baked bean fan but made them for J.
I felt bad not eating any fruit so I had cantaloupe for dessert!

Turkey burgers and salad
I forgot to take a picture of this but remember eating them.
I made a bunch of homemade turkey burgers in December and froze them.
Love going in the freezer and finding dinner ready to go!

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