Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hello 29!

The past year has without a doubt been the best year of my life. There were many ups and downs, like every year, but the most amazing little thing came into our lives during my 28th year and that would be Miss Hadley.

Even birthdays have always been good to me. When I was 24, I married the best husband and father, Josh. Then on December 14, 2012 our lives changed forever at the age of 28 when we found out I was pregnant. These two events are so different but they're also so amazing and life changing they are in their own ways.

I really don't have any feelings towards 29. I'm mean really it's nothing too special. Yes, it the last year in my 20s but I'm okay with that. While I'm not looking forward to anything age wise for myself, I am looking forward to all the days ahead with my sweet little family. It's crazy how when you turn a certain age you look forward to things that involve yourself--driving, rated R movies, voting (was I the only one excited about this?), buying alcohol, graduating college, or even getting married (not that has to happen at any certain age). But now that I am married and have my sweet Hadley, everything is different. My age is just another year I get to remember with my husband, daughter, family and sweet friends.

So this year while I hope not to stress as much or worry about silly things (pshhh, like that will happen), I want to focus on spending time with my new family and making traditions of our own.

Cheers to 29!


  1. Happy Birthday! Birthdays do seem to get a little bit less exciting the older you get. It's not that they aren't enjoyed, I think it's just different when you're older.

  2. What a gorgeous picture! Happy Birthday!