Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hadley: 2 months

On Saturday, Hadley turned two months old. I cannot believe how fast time went! She is growing and changing so much every day. I actually have dreams that she's growing faster than what she actually is--like talking at only 3 months! That needs to stop!

All about Hadley


We still haven't been to the doctor for your two month checkup. Your pediatrician is amazing but books up fast. We have an appointment scheduled very soon though. Daddy weighed himself then weighed himself holding you and we are guessing you're around 14 pounds. We also measured you at about 24 inches! Oh my!! You are definitely making me nervous about this. I'm hoping everything evens out in the end and you're not 6'4" like your dad! Overall, we are so thankful you are healthy and able to grow as you should.


You are currently in size one diaper. They work great, but you've been leaking at night sometimes. I read that going up a size at night sometimes works better so we will try that soon.


You are definitely in three month clothes now. There are a few items that are a little big on you, but after we wash them, they fit fine. I'm hoping you don't get another growth spurt for a while so you can enjoy these outfits. You actually have two Christmas outfits that are three months. It would be nice if you could wear them!


You are still doing wonderfully with nursing and eating from a bottle. I was really against you taking a bottle from me at the beginning but I had to slowly give that up. So I give you one every once in a while. At the end of November we need to practice taking a bottle at every feeding for about a week so you know what it will be like at the sitters. I'm hoping to practice over Thanksgiving so family and feed you and you don't rely on me completely.


Oh sleep! You do very well once you are down and usually get a good 5-6 hour strech at first. Then you wake up between 3am and 4am to eat. Sometimes you will go back down and sleep until 8am, other times you will wake up around 7am, eat, then want to sleep until 10am! I try to wake you up earlier though. We are still working at getting a good nap schedule down. As far as bedtime, I gave up on putting you down at 7pm. You just were not having it. If we put you down around 9pm you do so much better! I'd rather have you happy and going down later than screaming for hours trying to get you down at 7pm. I read so many books, watched DVDs, and talked to friends. I don't know what else to do except work with you instead of trying to make you work with me. It will all work out. You still hate swaddling but we continue to use it because you sleep a lot better! We put you in the Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle but you can still get out of it!

Other Changes

You are so happy in the mornings. I just LOVE it. I love waking you up and seeing you smile!

You've been "talking" so much more lately. You will coo and make all kinds of noises when you get excited. Daddy always says, "use your words" and you always reply back with something.

You are SO incredibly nosey. You have to know what is going on at ALL times. You love to walk around with me when I'm doing stuff around the house. I have used the Ergo a little more lately but really need to put it to good use.

You have been loving bath time. Well, I think you do. You just sit there and are so relaxed. You never make a peep.

You are definitely a night owl and not a morning person. Your daddy and I are both this way, so we're not really surprised.

You're watching Oliver and Wembley so much more. They are both very jealous but they love you. Wembley will just stare at you and Oliver likes to give you kisses. They both hate when you cry and worry about you.

Daddy has watched you two times for over an hour in the past week. Once when I went to lunch with Glammy for my birthday and another time when I went to get my hair cut. You were pretty good for him both times. He also watches you every Sunday evening during piano. He might have come home crying a few weeks ago because he took you on a car ride and you had a major meltdown. He had one too because he felt so bad for you. He has such a loving heart for you!

We love you little pumpkin and so thankful to have you every day!


  1. She is sooo cute!! Sounds like things are going well! The bottle was hard for me at first but now it's such a relief to have people help feed him when I go out or when they come over. It just takes some pressure off. Miller is 4 months and we are just starting to move his bedtime up to 7:30-8ish before that it was always 9pm-10pm- I would much rather get a good long stretch than try to force an earlier time. So sweet about your husband, my husband is still learning how to handle the metldowns!

  2. I started writing Lucy's 1 month update the other day and I feel like I literally wrote the same exact thing about her sleep. She'll go down at night between 9-10 PM with some fussing (she hates when we put her down after we've held her to get her to sleep) and will sleep 5-6 hours straight! We've even had a few 8 hour stretches which have been so great. Hope it continues for Hadley, it makes such a difference to get solid sleep.

  3. How has it been two months?! She is a total doll by the way:)

  4. Happy 2 months!
    I have yet to post Liam's 1 and 2 month updates. I'm so behind!