Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So What?!

So what if...

    Life After I Dew
  • Some days my house is clean, other days it's a disaster. More disaster days than clean days.
  • I'm dreading going back to work already...and I have until the end of November.
  • I cried on my birthday. H had a really rough night and her tummy was hurting her. I just wanted her to go to sleep!
  • I'm almost done with Christmas shopping!
  • We've run a million errands the past two days and H has slept in her car seat. Not ideal for trying to get down a nap schedule.
  • I'm so excited to see a good friend in November, who is currently living in SC. While that day cannot get here quick enough, I want it to take it's time because that will mean November is half way over.
  • I'm always looking at houses online. We really want/need to move.
  • I'm behind on blogging. Still trying to find time to get everything done during the day!

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