Monday, October 21, 2013

Ricart Automotive Event

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of attending a lunch event at Ricart Automotive "Mega Mall" in Columbus. Being a Columbus native myself, I had grown up hearing the, "we're dealin'" saying on tv and radio commercials. So this was a very exciting opportunity for me.

Our day started out by learning some great car organization tips from Lisa at Organize 365. We were even told about a mom who serves her kids dinner one night a week from a crockpot in her car. The love for crockpots side of me was very much impressed. Not only does that take organization but definitely patience!

We were then introduced to the king of cars himself, Rick Ricart. I definitely think first impressions say a lot and believe me when I tell you that Mr. Ricart, and all of his staff were a absolute delight. I loved hearing and learning about the history of Ricart. But my favorite part had to be Mr. Ricart talking about his staff as part of his family and how many of them had been there from day one. Not many large companies can say that.

I could truly see the kindness in this Columbus Ohio Dealership with my own experience. At this time I had planned to take Hadley with me (she was very much welcomed) in her stroller. However when I arrived I found out the lunch took place on a second floor in a building without an elevator. I was in a bit of a panic because I still was unable to use the steps well myself, let alone carry her up in the car seat with me. A man who worked there, who I sadly did not get the name of, help me by parking my car and carrying the car seat up for me while I, ever so slowly, carried Hadley. This was absolutely not necessary but the fact that he volunteered to help in what was a huge challenge for me at the time, showed how this company was run.

Later we took a tour of the free car wash (for those who have purchased a car from them), online staging area, and the Ricart Dealership Pre-Owned Cars. I loved how you could walk through the lots and didn't see signs and balloons everywhere. That's not how they do things at Ricart in Columbus, Ohio. You don't feel the pressure to buy a car. The sales men and woman are there to help you with your needs and not to force you into the latest and greatest deal.

We ended the time at Ricart eating a delicious lunch and watching their new Revive Your Drive commercial that is currently airing. You can view it here.

I am so happy to have had this opportunity and excited to share it with you. To be honest, I was a little hesitant about attending this event because I was worried I would be pushed into buying or looking at a car. But I'm happy to say that this did not happen once. There wasn't even the talk of looking at specific cars for ourselves. I learned about the company and the people working there. I was shown how they work as a large family, dog and all, and how they truly appreciate their customers and each other. Those were the exciting facts I wanted to share with Josh, my family, and my friends.

If you go to a place that respects their employees, then you're going to have a great experience as a customer. This is a place I'd want to give my business to.

Contact Info: 
Ricart Automotive Group 
4255 S. Hamilton Road Columbus, Ohio 43125 
Sales: 1-888-225-6783 

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