Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday!


 Hadley turned eight weeks old on Monday. Crazy times!! Tomorrow she turns two months (because it's the 26th). I'm sad that the newborn stage is slowly ending but we love watching her grow and experience new things. I'm so excited for her to have Christmas this year but at the same time, it will be much more fun next year when she gets it. I know four months will be different than two but she still won't understand what is going on. I really want to get pictures with Santa this year but J thinks she's too young. What age do you think Santa pictures should start? I've totally seen babies with Santa!


It snowed this week. SNOW! In October!! This rarely happens. In fact I only remember it snowing once before my birthday and that is when I lived two hours north of Columbus while in college. I'm totally not ready for snow. And I'm pretty sure my flowers are officially dead.

We busted out this little Halloween onesie that one of my sweet piano students gave H. It definitely kept her warm, but girl is a little toaster so by the time we got home from running a few errands she was sweating! It's just too cute though!


Speaking of my birthday (see above), I turned 29 yesterday. Scary!! We had a very low key day but I was so thankful to spend it at home with this girl. I told Josh not to get me anything this year since I'm taking a (unpaid) leave of absence at work until December to be home with our girl. That is present enough! He did bring me home some beautiful flowers though. Also, my crockpot is now longer heating up. SAD DAY! It's only two years old. Anyone experience this before?


I definitely wanted to get out of the house on my birthday so we headed over to Target. I decided I would treat myself to a Salted Caramel Mocha at the Starbucks. To my surprise, I got my drink for free because they were out of salt! Happy birthday to me!

While we were there I wanted to look at flat irons. I've probably had mine since 2004. No lie. And before that my sister used it for about a year. It's OLD. I don't use a straighten every day so I don't want an expensive one. I usually have great luck with Conair products and found this one. Does anyone use this Infiniti Pro straightener? How do you like it?


My parents came over for a birthday dinner last night. We were going to go out but by the time they got off work it would have been too late. I made Pioneer Woman Lasagna over the summer, so I decided to have that with salad and garlic bread. OH MY GOSH. You have to make this lasagna. It is SO good and it freezes so easily!

To end the night, H and I were both in tears. She has been on a pretty strict sleep schedule lately. She gets a bath around 530, eats, and goes to sleep. Well, last night she fell asleep while my mom was holding her around 6:30. Pretty typical. Stupid me told my mom to put her in her bouncy seat while we ate. Bad decision. She woke up 30 minutes later in a fit, which continued until about 9:30 pm. She finally fell asleep around 10 pm. Thankfully, for the both of us, she slept 6 hours. She ate again and then slept 3 more. When I woke her up at 9 am (she usually gets up at 8), she was in a fantastic mood and has been happy ever sense. Girlfriend needs her schedule desperately!!! We will never make that mistake again!

What would we do without video monitors? I feel so spoiled by them but I am so very thankful for them!


  1. We got our daughters picture with Santa when she was about 2-3 weeks old.

  2. What I wouldn't give for at least a day in the 40's. Dang South Louisiana. Love that Halloween onsie:)

  3. She is growing up so fast. You totally have to get a Santa picture. This may be the only year for a while that she will sit on his lap without screaming!!!! Have a great weekend. Happy Belated Birthday.

  4. I would definitely get a Santa picture this year!!! I have gotten my kids' picture taken w/ him every single year. My daughter was 6 months old her first year & my son was 3 months old his first year. DO IT!!! ;-) hahaha!!

  5. We're getting pictures with Santa of our little boy this year. he is 1 week younger than Hadley.