Monday, December 30, 2013

Hadley: 4 months

Oh my Hattie girl...where does the time go?! So much has changed from when you turned 3 months.

You turned the big four months on Thursday, December 26, 2013

You look so grown up here!


You had your four month check up on December 27th. I thought for sure you were going to be 20 pounds, but you were 18 pounds and 27 inches long. Daddy says that if you keep growing like this, you will be around 3 feet when you are 9 months. If everyone grew like that, we would all be giants! You will definitely start evening out even though your in the 95th percentile right now. You still have the tiniest feet though! Your shoes that are 0-3 months are still too big!


You are still in size two diapers and we just love the Pampers Swaddlers! Luvs come in a close second but we are not fans of Huggies.


You just started wearing 6 month clothes. You have long legs, like your daddy, and while the pants are perfect most outfits are still a little big. I'm crossing my fingers you stay in 6 month clothes until February because you have so many adorable outfits! I also want to keep you little!!


You are doing so well! I was worried how you would transition at Ms Jenna's house (your babysitter) but you are eating like a champ! Dr. Barrett said we can start you on rice cereal any time. We might try some this week. Daddy bought some all natural (no HMO) whole grain cereal that we are going to try this week. I'm a little nervous about starting it so soon but it's only once in the evening for now and I'm hoping it helps you sleep a little better.


Sleeping comes and goes. When you go to Ms Jenna's house you are an awesome sleeper! You fall asleep around 6:30pm and sleep until about 5:00am. Thank goodness for your two friends there! They wear you out! But on the weekends, or when mommy is on break, you get up at least once, sometimes twice (like at 1am and 5am). It's been a little rough on me over winter break but I am just so happy to have these two weeks off with you that I will take anything! The rice cereal may help get you through the night a little better.

Other Events

You went to Ms Jenna's house three times when mommy started back to work. You will go full time starting January 6th. You just love it there. You play with her two adorable kids, who you just adore. They are so good to you! We are so thankful you have such an amazing home and person to take care of you while we are at work. I'm excited to see you grow this year with your two new friends. I know they're going to teach you so much!

You are such a happy baby. You are always smiling and talking all the time. 

But on the other side you are a drama queen! You have probably cried tears 5 times since you've been born; two of those times being with shots. You like having your own way and get mad if we don't give you want you want. You're still so little and don't understand but we will definitely have to work on patience as you get older :)

Early last week we were watching Sesame Street and the song That's Cooperation came on. You were obsessed!! I think it's the birds and the colors. The next day you were really upset about something (I think you wanted to walk around and not sit) and we screaming (no tears involved). I turned it on and you completely stopped. KK was here visiting and we just laughed! You were totally fine! We've listened to it about 20 times in the past week!

You are grabbing at everything now! Every once in a while there will be something you can't get a hold of, usually it's because of the size. You get so frustrated and end up screaming. You want to do so many things but your little mind and hands are still learning to work together.

You're laughing a lot more but it takes you a lot to laugh. Usually when we try to make you laugh you look at us like we're crazy!

This will be super embarrassing for you one day, but I had to share. You are the gassiest child and boy can you let them rip. No joke. Sometimes I wonder how such a big noise can come from such a sweet little girl.

In the mornings on the weekends you have learned to cuddle with me. I love it! We sit on the couch with a soft blanket and watch a Disney movie. It makes Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7am SO much better.

You celebrated your first Christmas, which I will post more about this week. Daddy and I decided not to buy each other anything this year (which was hard to do) but our gift was you and also the extra time I took off of work to spend with you. It was the best gift I could have ever received.

We fall more and more in love with you every day, princess! Daddy even told me last night he loves the way your clothes smell...just like you! We are so excited to watch you grow into the sweet little girl we are watching you become.

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