Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hadley: 3 months

Miss Hadley, you turned 3 months on November 26th, 2013


At your 3 month check up, you weighed 15.5 pounds and were 24 inches. Both were in the 95th percentile! You seemed so big for a while but I feel like you're evening out a bit. I'm sure you're still growing but I don't think as fast.


You're definitely in a size two now. Last week we tried to finish up size 1 of Pampers but we couldn't even use the last few! You do great with Pampers and Luvs. Not so well with the other brands. We'll stick with what works ;-)


You are still in three month clothes, although some are getting a little small. I blame all the washing. You definitely have long legs like your Daddy and the pants seem to be shorter on you than the shirts. We are trying to wear out all of your 3 month clothes and slowly incorporate your 6 month clothes. It's crazy how fast you grow!

You are still nursing like and champ and doing so well with a bottle! This week was mommy's first week back to work and you're still feeding very well. We nurse in the morning and around dinner time. Then at night I rock you to sleep with a bottle (sometimes nurse a little if you're fussy). You've adjusted so well and we are so thankful for that! 


Sleep is getting so much better! About three weeks ago you started sleeping almost through the night and only waking up once. Then all of a sudden you started waking up two times again but still getting five hours increments. Last night you slept from 6:30pm-11:30pm, ate, then went back down until 6:45am! I was so excited and proud of you. I even woke up a little confused because I thought for sure I missed your cry. But you just kept sleeping!
Daddy laughs at me because I told him even if you did sleep through the night, I would still be up watching the monitor to make sure you're breathing :)

Other Events

You experienced your first real holiday!

You met your great-grandparents!

You are smiling ALL the time, especially in the mornings when we wake you up.

You know exactly who me and daddy are and smile when you see us.

You "talk" to us a lot!

You have recently started to giggle when we play "Haddy cakes".

You like to watch Sponge Bob for some odd reason. I think it's the busy colors.

You love to look at your toes especially when you have on pjs with animal feet.

Sometimes you will look at me right in the eyes...melts my heart!

You will hold on to your toys and move them all around. You're somewhat grabbing at things but not a whole lot yet.

You love Glammy's iPad and Wacka-mole on my phone. You even laughed one day at the moles!

You definitely had a rough first day when I went back to work. It was the first day you had ever been away from me for more than 3 hours. There were a lot of tears...from the both of us. It's been so hard going back to work. I miss you so much and just want to spend every minute with you. I'm so thankful for summers off and that you're going to a wonderful friend's house to be babysat.

Daddy watched you all day for the first time and did a wonderful job. You two had a great day together and I was so proud of you both!

I thank God for you every day my sweet girl! We want you to stay this little forever but we can't wait to see you grow and learn!


  1. What a cutie! Almost nine months later and I still constantly stare at the monitor throughout the night to check to see if he's breathing! :) I'm so sorry your first day back was rough. I hope things get easier for you both! Hugs!

  2. So I need to visit again. Next thing I know she'll be starting kindergarten!