Monday, December 2, 2013

Memory Monday

I love thinking back to when I was little and remembering Christmas as a kid. There's really nothing better. I love trying to remember the smells, what we wore, what our house looked like all decked out in lights, and the excitement of the season. What better way to do that then to share some of my favorite holiday memories! Every Monday I will post a holiday memory or two and hopefully be able to add a few pictures here and there. I invited you to share your favorite past memories and link up below. Don't forget to grab the button for others to enjoy!

Ever Christmas Eve, we had a tradition in our house. My dad would read The Night Before Christmas. While this isn't a big gift or funny story to remember, it's a wonderful memory I will always have and cherish. These are the types of memories I hope Hadley will one day have as well.


I really thought long and hard about this first memory. I wanted to try and think back as far as I could. I remember when I was in first or second grade open presents on Christmas morning. One of my last presents came in a big box. I ripped open the paper, just like every little kid, excited to see what was inside. When I peaked inside the top of the brown cardboard box, I was frightened to see an eye staring back at me. I looked up at my parents with big, bright eyes wondering what Santa brought me. My mom insisted that I continue open the gift but I was terrified.

 "There's an eye!" I kept yelling.

Finally, with the help of my dragon slaying dad, I proceeded forward and opened the rest of the box. To my surprise, there was not monster or live animal in the box. In fact it was the complete opposite. I was the proud new owner of a teddy bear sleeping bag! They eyes (which was where my head would lay) were glaring at me through the box.

That teddy bear sleeping bag lasted a long time and went to quite a few slumber parties with me. It was also fun to lay in around the house!

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