Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I'm super mad right now.

Want to know why?

Because another one of my favorite shows was cancelled. CANCELLED!

Yep, that's right. Just add Don't Trust the B----in Apartment 23 to the list!

The List
The Playboy Club {first murder mystery I ever got in to}
Pam Am
Private Practice {tears!!}

I swear every time I really like a show they cancel it! Why can't they cancel a not-so-good show, like Go On (sorry if you like it)? 

I'm going to miss James, Chloe, and June...

So last night I watched Parenthood and recorded the last and final episode of Private Practice (to watch right after). I'm sad to see it go and really loved the characters. I think Charlotte and Cooper were my favorite because I really loved how their relationship grew. I also really loved Amelia! 

What are some shows that you loved but sadly were cancelled?


  1. I was totally on the Pan Am train. Then they cancelled Lie To Me and Samantha Who?... I'm about fed up with tv. but those are the ones I'm really mad about.

  2. Quite a fe years ago there was a show that I watched and it was a mystery but I can't remember the name...anyway they cancelled it before you even figured out who the killer was...I hate when they do that. I wish I could remember the name of the show. MRs. Eyecansee would probably know, we watched it together.