Thursday, January 10, 2013


Four years ago, I walked down the isle and married a wonderful man.

Four years ago, it was snowing, sleeting, and raining, but we still looked fab!

{note my big tight hair-we weren't sure how it was going to 
hold up in the crazy weather. It settled by the reception.}

Four years ago and I'm still thankful that my dad was able to walk me down the isle.

Four years ago, we said "I do!"

Four years ago, I was lucky to have my friends by my side.

Four years ago, we danced the night away.

Four years ago, we toasted to the years ahead!

Happy anniversary to my amazing husband! I'm so thankful for all he does for me and our future family. We been through a lot of ups and downs together in our short four years, but we come out together and stronger every time. I'm so proud of him for working so hard to get through grad school and starting his doctorate.

I'm so excited for this year and the many years to come together!

All my love

Note: Four years later and I'm still regretting my photographer...


  1. I think the pictures look great! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! It's so fun to see someone else's wedding at the same church! Where was your reception? Also, I feel you on the photographer regret :( I love our pictures (thank goodness) but it took FOREVER to get them and we have no digital rights!