Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Monday

I totally forgot to take pictures of our dinners for this week. Shame on me. However, I'll leave you with the picture as to which caught my attention to make the dish in the first place!

Regular old grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. Nothing too fancy for that one.

J has class late so I'm on my own. I just made some of Annie's Mac & new favorite!

I made homemade gyros. I've made these before and love  them!! The last time I made them I had homemade salsa to put on them which made them 1000x more flavorful. They were still delicious without it!

Rachel Ray's turkey meatballs. These are our favorite by far and usually the only meatballs I make. I put a little too much onion in them for J's liking but they still were yummy! We had open faced meatball subs with them. Yummmmy!
{no picture--the one on the website looks funny and doesn't do them justice}

I also made Starbucks Passion Fruit and Lemonade Tea. It was okay. I was expecting it to taste just like it but honestly, I don't really think it did. However, I have a lot left, so I can still practice on how to make it better.

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